From A Friend In Southern France

A friend in southern France, who spent decades working in Muslim countries, sent me this yesterday: 


We joined the little march yesterday in the village. 500 or so people. No officials or people from the Mairie. Rather moving. All organised by le petit peuple, as opposed to the state organised (and heavily politicised) demos set for Sunday, all over France. How incredibly stupid of Hollande, and the usual, party-obsessed suspects to make heroic victims out of the FN by excluding them. As if this were about party politics anyway. 

All the usual apologists for Islam squirming a bit for the moment, though still using the usual justifications: the war in Iraq, Palestine, the Crusades, social exclusion, Christians no better – just look at the Christian extremists who attack abortion clinics, and inevitably, rolling out the usual tame imams to tell us how benign the real Islam really is. Top it off with a rekindled victim role for Islam with a couple of reports of a demonstration outside a mosque, and we are back on track.

On track to self destruction.

I just hope the French and European public is a bit more suspicious about being bought off in this way. Is there actually a plan by the social engineers at the BBC, the Guardian, Le Monde, France 2, the New York Times et al to lobotomise public awareness?

Hollande has been pathetic throughout. His speech last night was beyond pitiful. Like getting a moralistic lecture about your overdraft from the assistant bank manager. 

Current social plan: we are one. No, really. Really we are. We are all nice and good when we are together. Islam is just another religion, and can be accommodated, integrated, in spite of centuries of evidence to the contrary. Negotiate with your executioner. We just have to keep calm and carry on believing the loony narrative that we can live together with a value system that seeks our destruction.