Gaza War Exposes Woke Antisemitism


by Friedrich Hansen

We should ask ourselves why more than one hundred thousand people demonstrate for the Hamas terrorists in Western metropoles only days after the terror organisation murdered 1200 unsuspecting ravers near the Gaza strip? Shocking as this fact is, it might be explained by the newest version of Western self-destructive ideology. Its called woke and imposing Orwellian speech codes in the name of dictates of sexual diversity on everyone. It is for this reason that the talk about gender imitates the racial discourse of the last century by suppressing free thinking, reflection and speech. The point being that sexual identity politics aims at totally eclipsing human conscience and morality by externalizing it as visual identity. This profane corruption of human expressionism and preferences can be tracked down on Nietzsche’s embrace of the human animal.

Witnessing the first manifestations of this decadence at the turn of the 20th century, Italo Svevo made it clear in a conversation with James Joyce that the nascent sexual identity movement of feminists and gays completely externalizes our human conscience into group think. Many European thinkers were so disgusted by this that they turned their back on Europe. Among those were Jews like Theodor Herzl and later Ze’ev Jabotinsky who were leaving Europe to rebuild a Jewish state in Palestine. It is no coincidence that the critical mass of European depravity pivoting in the Nazi regime was met with the ingathering of Jews in Palestine after 2000 years of exile.

On a different note without doubt this was part and parcel of the final Western secularization of the Christian gospel in effect reframing and lowering civil liberties into bodily ones: women’s, gay and trans rights. Rarely was there a better example for the devious dialectics of enlightenment than with the counter productive results of affirmative action which deprives able bodied people of the inner satisfaction which is due to outer accomplishments and hard work. Even worse are the effects of bureaucratic gender and other quotas all of which are undermining the Western meritocratic order and driving the decline of academia.

The greatest betrayal of the promises of enlightenment philosophy were perpetrated in the name of sexual emancipation at the cost of social progress for the majority of the population. It set off a poisonous competition in public semi-nakedness as stand-ins for self-realisation by the identity movement. Self-realisation used to be a moral challenge involving the sublimation of basic, including sexual instincts. Sexual Identity politics does the exact opposite. Not by accident did this new exhibitionism emerge in Protestant lands with protagonists like Johannes Winckelmann, Oscar Wilde, Marquis de Sade, Sigmund Freud among others. They all managed to uproot their moral self while figuring as gay precursors of fascism. Asked in 1939 after the occupation of Austria by the Nazis, where he would like to emigrate, Freud’s first choice would have been Berlin, which would be putting him right into the lions den. It surely indicates that Freud had lost his moral compass by then. But this didn’t prevent Freud from rising to become the cardinal influencer of the liberal West for over a century.

This unsettling fact points to the even more disturbing evidence that woke historiography since the 1960s became obsessed with a discourse about the “modernity of the Nazis.” As a result, Antisemitism became a regular feature of the European left. This goes at least some way in explaining the recent mass demonstrations against Israel fighting back Hamas terror. Which brings us to the very purpose of anti-religious propaganda which the progressive Nazis engaged in for “liberating” the darkest powers of the human heart. Not for the first time the dialectic of enlightenment was set in motion by the calculated confusion between the moral inner self and the cognitive outer self. The racist terms of Nazi propaganda offered a perplexing unity of these two realms of consciousness by submitting the moral sense to racial identity.

The Nazis engaged with all their vigour the visual and haptic paradigm: awakening the mob instincts through heavy march music ensconced in a deluge of flags. What an inspiration for gay pride parades which internalised the haptic-visual obsession after two world wars. The same attempt at neutralizing the auditive paradigm as the agent of guilt culture and externalize the attention to the visual and haptic paradigm that has been elicited by Nazi racism was taken up again by the woke in the name of gender. It produces similar conformists as the Nazis did by systemically confusing the distinction between inner and outer self. It is this same confusion that is at the heart of the new wokism with sexist group think replacing moral identity. Unfortunately, this decadent ideology has also made its forays into Israel as an outpost of Western liberalism – like St Paul’s “thorn in the flesh” not only for radical Islamists but for the roughly two billion followers of Islam.

Given the monotheist leanings still dominating the Middle East, woke rave parties in the desert of Sinai attended by sparingly covered dancers are liable to be perceived as extremely provocative by indigenous Palestinians. While this can of course never justify the extreme response of the Hamas massacre of Israelis on October 7 it might give Pause to woke elites. In my view the culprit here is sexual identity politics which is the perfect negation of all that which once made Western moral civilisation stand out against the rest.

The West ultimately rests on the wisdom of Torah and to a lesser degree on Hellenist science. Surely in authentic Jewish monotheism the body is under the strict rule of the spirit, which is as much of a burden as it is liberating. For the body is under the spell of animal instincts which is what wokism wants to rejuvenate. The profane message of sexual identity puts the spirit under an ill conceived tutelage of our raw instincts. This is immediately recognizable through wokism’s habitual lies, extreme choices, excessive parties and delimiting trans-sexual indulgences. These postmodern abominations should have no place in the Occident, and they are certainly strongly rejected in the Orient.

No doubt ongoing sexual “liberation” renders monotheist morality, informed by inner Adam II, our human conscience, dependable. By handing over moral agency toward the woke Adam I, we are exposing the human person to the force of it’s raw sexual drives, a role Adam I was never meant to play. In Western history personal skills were always dependant on a changeling outer self and if there was no strong inner moral agency, the person could easily loose itself. Whether we like it or not this renders rave parties in the Orient into dangerous encounters certainly more so for women.

Anyway having myself lived in Jerusalem for less than a year in 2011 I always found certain advanced Western frivolities like gay pride parades completely out of place in the Holy Land. And as much as Rome has been a child of both; Athens and Jerusalem, from the very beginning of Christianity Greek pride had been considered a vice rather than a virtue. So what we see after two millennia of Christianity in northern Europe is the woke return of pride leaving us with the creep of a secular, toxic virtue. Underlying this is a certain inversion, namely of the monotheist primacy of difference over woke sameness. Western exceptionalism was based on making a difference inspired by divinity or in practical terms: making sacrifices on behalf of a promising future. Wokism denies such sacrifices and is therefore draining the West of its essential “renewable energy” source which are sublimation of instincts and postponement of pleasure. We are now able to say how misleading and displaced the green discourse about sameness and renewables actually is.

Yet according to the late Rabbi Sacks the concept of “difference” is fundamental to the ascendency of religion as it is based on sublimation paid for with the postponement of pleasure – a hurdle which the cult of “sameness” wants to spare itself for reasons of easier access to and immediate satisfaction of sexual urges. Historically we have to remind ourselves that while Athens was a shame culture were same sex relations flourished, Jerusalem is the origin and the enduring source of guilt culture. It is based on the internalisation of shame as a redemptive power in terms of personally manageable guilt for the purpose of peaceful resolution of conflicts, problems which shame culture keeps piling up.

From the short lived experiment of gay Hellenism and similar failures in the recent history of homosexual elites in fascism (Hitler and Röhm) we can understand how civilisational backward and destructive the cult of sameness really is. It does not help to reason that sameness or the identity of commodities produced for the free market economy is at the core of capitalist egalitarian credentials. But it is certainly true that by no accident sexual identity emerged after as the last sigh of Victorianism. And it is fair to say that some of the underlying principles of consumerism such as immediate or serial satisfaction have informed sexual identity politics.

Yet the opposition to same-sex culture is palpable and unrelenting in the Orient simply because the moral imperatives of monotheism and ethical Adam II remain strong there. By contrast in the West cognitive Adam I is the facilitator of the attraction to consumerist sameness. Sameness has been established as the virtue of consumerism in order to mitigate the poison of private jealousy turning it into public and commoditized envy. This suggests that sustainable individualism rests far more on the inner, ethical self of Adam II than on the outer cognitive self of Adam I. It is for this reason that the concept of same sex based on the outer self was quickly descending into crippling group think early on and thereby remains inimical to the Western individualist foundations.

This context offers a wealth of justifications to reject sexual attraction to sameness as a concept which not for nothing still lacks global acceptance. Most followers of the sexual identity cult at some point regret having succumbed to this serial ideology which is just mirroring rather than stimulating our human imagination. Initially while in a young age most people are at ease fooling their conscience when indulging in the immediate demands of the outer self (Adam I) ruled by the visual paradigm which is as powerful as it is treasonous and transgressive if left on its own. What we can see now is that the same sex cult not only lowers the threshold for sexual transgression and violence but is also prone to multiply sexual encounters, drawn to quantity rather than quality. As a result it desensitizes our inner conscience which for two millennia has been the driver of Western flourishing as it is the agency of trust, fealty and moral authenticity and thus the bedrock of the free market economy. By contrast even the alertness against foreign adversaries might be compromised once we are under the illusion of all being the same.

The dangerous result is that Adam I unhedged by the inner moral self is sort of ill equipped against the primitive urges of the haptic paradigm, i.e. free floating sexual desire. Elsewhere I have worked out the peculiarities of the auditive paradigm dominating at least fifteen centuries of the budding Evening Lands, followed by the re-emergence during the Renaissance of the Hellenistic visual paradigm that stimulated the arts and sciences. Its magisterial reign culminated after five hundred years in the fin de siecle only to fatally descend toward the haptic paradigm that is till with us and immersing the West in sexual depravity. Adam I keeps exposing us to the corrupting powers of the sexual revolution as well as to its counter coups from the backward Islamic world. This I believe is the relevant context for Islamic terror acts from New York’s 9/11 and London 7/7 to Israel’s 7/10. For it is no secret that decadent moves in the Israeli elite such as “gay pride” serve perfectly for the inner justifications of Hamas’ terrorism.

The West’s descent to archaic physical attraction is proof for the power of the haptic paradigm, meaning that unrefined primitive sex is replacing monotheist sublimation and love. Now the former has reigned in the West ever since the sexual revolution went mainstream in the 1960ies. The transgressive power of the haptic paradigm keeps eclipsing human morality which is replaced with phony sexual identity politics. This is the mechanism by which wokism captured the postmodern Western imagination including in Israel. Here the Gaza massacre comes in, partly a result of Israeli over-reliance on high tech-gimmicks for security and the loss of awareness with regard to the permanent threats to its existence.

It seems likely that the woke elites have given precedence to the facile and seductive gender narrative over the robust and always reliable biblical revelation. Whereas the woke gospel relies on the visual paradigm the much older biblical revelation is bound to the image ban and follows strictly auditive paradigm. It would appear that no technology can compensate for the woke follies, rather the supposedly smart vanity culture of Adam I is subject to the ancient Greek “cognitive conceit.” This manifests itself in pride first, the biblical anathema, and in the worships of idols like electronic devices and high tech Gimmicks second. All theses are apt to blind against the wickedness of immoral wokism. Most succinctly it is the absence of confirmatory deeds and personal ethics which is behind the collapse of Western morality following the imposition of sexual coning out. Ever since the Reformation the West began abandoned the redeeming deed, controlled by moral Adam II or the inner self, not least serving as the ultimate test of reality.

Israel’s Gaza disaster figures as a punishment for the postmodern elite which is responsible for the total eclipse of moral Adam II in the West. Any overreliance on high tech comes with creeping moral impotence. From the Jewish web-magazine Mosaic’s December 23 issue we quote the take away of October 7th:

“As Israel went high-tech, Hamas went low. Their commanders planned for October 7 with handwritten notes. Israeli intelligence actually obtained plans for the attack, but when one analyst tried to warn her superiors this past summer, they ruled the threat  “imaginary.” On the morning of the attack, Hamas fighters shot out the border cameras with rifles and blew up remote-controlled machine-gun turrets with cheap drones. With the tech down, the army was helpless. It had no plan for a surprise attack of this size. The sophisticated underground barrier didn’t help, because the Hamas fighters just drove into Israel aboveground, breaking through the fence in dozens of places with bulldozers and wire cutters and massacring our people with bullets, knives, and shovels.”