Germany: 2 Killed In Stabbing In Southwest Ludwigshafen, Suspect Detained

The main English language report on these murders in Germany yesterday are the Indian press (again) and for some reason The Shropshire Star from the Midlands.  Associated Press via Republic World

Two people were killed and another seriously wounded in a stabbing Tuesday in southwestern Germany, police said. The suspected assailant was detained.

Police said that they were alerted to the stabbing in a suburb of the city of Ludwigshafen on Tuesday afternoon. The 25-year-old suspect, a Somali citizen, initially fled the scene and was detained in a drugstore.

Officers used their firearms in the process and he was seriously injured, but not in life-threatening condition, police said.

Police later said the victims who were killed were two German men, ages 20 and 35. The severely injured person is a 27-year-old German. Neither the names of the victims nor of the perpetrator were given, in line with German privacy policy.

Also the German press, especially the local paper Ludwigshafen 24

It is believed that the perpetrator will appear before the magistrate today once he is sufficiently recovered from surgery. 

Police say the suspect is a Somali national. According to current knowledge, the three victims of the knife attack are German citizens. They were craftsmen/painters.  The English translation of ‘handwerker’ is artisan, skilled manual worker, tradesman. The backbone of a nation’s economy.  Police are appealing for witnesses.

And naturally the motive behind the killings is ‘unknown’. 

Whether there is a connection between nationality and act, was still unclear, said the police spokesman. Nothing is yet known about the motive. “We don’t engage in speculation.”

The motive of the act is still unclear, said the Rhineland-Palatinate Interior Minister Michael Ebling (SPD), it will be determined “in all directions”.