Germany: Conservative leaders call for burqa ban to fight terror


From the German edition of The Local

Interior ministers from Germany’s main conservative parties want stricter rules for Muslims living in Germany in the wake of recent Islamist-linked attacks.

State interior ministers for the conservative Union parties (Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union and the Christian Social Union) are calling for greater restrictions on Muslims living in Germany, including a burqa ban, as politicians mull tougher anti-terror policies.

A draft proposal supported by the interior ministers and seen by Tagesspiegel posits, among other things, implementing a ban on the burqa – a garment worn by some Muslim women which covers the whole body – as well as restrictions on how mosques are financed.

“I find a burqa ban absolutely welcome,” Berlin’s senator for the interior, Frank Henkel, told newspaper Tagesspiegel.

The proposal – which has already been criticized for reportedly suggesting a softening of doctor-patient confidentiality rules and ending dual citizenship – is set to be presented on August 18th. 

“Freedom of religion is a central, fundamental right. However, religious extremism and the abuse of religious symbols have no place in Germany,” the draft reads. At the same time, the proposal calls for a “return to… mutual respect”.

Other security measures proposed are hiring more police, increasing the powers of intelligence agencies and quicker deportation processes. Dual nationality also appears to be on the chopping block for the interior ministers.

“Dual citizenship is a huge obstacle for integration,” the proposal states. “We object to this split loyalty. Whoever wants to engage themselves with the politics of foreign governments, we would advise to leave Germany. We call for people to make a conscious choice for the values of our free, democratic constitutional order.”

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