Germany: Row erupts after Woolworths staff state the store is now Muslim – and they will not be selling Christmas decorations

This is the Dortmund branch in Germany. Woolworths no longer trade in the UK but the name continues in Europe and Australia. From the Mirror and Dortmund 24

A huge row erupted after staff at a popular Woolworths branch said that they were now a Muslim store – and would not be selling any Christmas decorations this year. Shocked locals were told the news when they discovered that the Christmas selection including decorations and chocolate Santas had been taken down just a few days after they were put on display.

When shoppers asked why the decorations had been removed, a staff member at the store in Germany is reported to have said: “We are a Muslim business now. We do not want to sell Christmas articles.” Branch manager Seda Capakcur, 25, confirmed to local media that some Christmas items were no longer sold at the store.

When the row reached head office of the chain, which has 300 stores across Germany, a spokesman denied they were a Muslim business.

A small section of Christmas items is still on display, reports Dortmund 24.

Spokeswoman Diana Preisert said: “Woolworth is, of course, not a Muslim company. Christmas merchandise is available from September onwards and should be sold out by the end of December. In this branch, however, demand was too low. Therefore the goods were distributed to other branches.”

Das Problem am Standort Münsterstraße: Hier leben viele Muslime, die nicht so viel Weihnachtsdeko kaufen.

The spokeswoman added that the real reason for the lack of Christmas decorations was the fact that there just weren’t enough customers in the area interested in buying them. She said this had created specific “local conditions” that meant low interest in Christmas items from the small number of people who celebrate Christmas remaining in the area of Dortmund.

According to city officials, Christians make up 29.2 per cent of the population of Northern Dortmund where the store is located.

Despite the low demand, some shoppers from Dortmund were outraged about the decision to pull the decorations from the shop.

“Dass es jetzt in dieser Filiale weniger Weihnachtsdeko gibt, finde ich nicht gut. Ich bin nicht so mobil und bin auf die Geschäfte in der Münsterstraße angewiesen. Ich verstehe aber die Entscheidung der Filiale, da hier nicht mehr viele Christen leben und die Nachfrage daher nicht so groß ist. Man muss es nehmen, wie es ist.“


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