Girl who fled Bethnal Green school to join Isis reported killed in airstrike in Syria

From the East London Advertiser.

Kadiza Sultana, who was 16 when she slipped out of the country with two classmates who all made their way to join jihadis during half-term in February, 2015, is thought to have died while planning to flee back to Britain. We were told that she would never return and that her death was inevitable. What do Muslim mobs chant? “We love death like you love life” 

The 17-year-old is thought to have died during an airstrike on the jihadi terror group’s stronghold of Raqqa in May, ITV News reported.

“We were expecting this in a way,” her sister Halima Khanom said in a statement. “But at least we know she is in a better place.”

The family solicitor Tasnime Akunjee told a national newspaper they believed she had been killed several weeks ago. 

The three girls, two aged 15 and Kadiza aged 16, got through Gatwick security unnoticed last year and caught a flight to Turkey, where they slipped across the border into Syria.

They were gifted students at the Bethnal Green Academy when they abandoned their A-Levels and their families after being lured by Isis propaganda on the internet, and were believed to have gone to marry Isis fighters.

But Kadiza had become disillusioned with life in the war-torn country and planned to get back to Turkey and eventually to London.

One TV report said she was killed before she could get out. She was “scared of being there”, according to her sister. Kadiza said in a prophetic phone conversation recorded by ITV shortly before her apparent death: “I don’t have a good feeling. I feel scared. If something goes wrong, that’s it. I will never be with you.”

Several medias sources report that she has been killed. Kadiza had not been in contact with the family for several weeks. She had married an Isis fighter from the US who was killed during a battle last year.

I’m afraid I was never convinced by the family’s protestations that they did not know what she intended, and would have stopped her if they could.