Google cancels scheduled talk by Indian historian accused of calling Islam ‘destructive force’

And we can’t have that, now, can we? The wokesters at Google know more about India than Indian historians, of course they do. He also called Harvard “a nest of snakes” which is exporting American Marxism to India – is he wrong?

Rajiv Malhotra

From MSN:

Google updated its rules for inviting guest speakers to its offices after cancelling a scheduled lecture by an Indian historian Rajiv Malhotra, who was accused by Alphabet Workers Union of calling Islam “a destructive force” and describing homosexuality as a “medical condition”, according to a Reuters report.

The report, citing internal company documents, said, disputes over speakers started in April when Google was forced to cancel a talk on India’s caste system by author Thenmozhi Soundararajan. “Members of an internal Hindu group” complained about the activist who advocates for those disadvantaged by caste prejudice, accusing her of making “inflammatory” speeches—a charge that Soundararajan describes as “bigoted”, the report added.

According to internal company messages cited in the report, one of Soundararajan’s critics suggested inviting Malhotra for balance.

The Hindu group scheduled Malhotra to speak about India’s positive global influence, but organisers cancelled the event on November 10, a day before he was supposed to address Google offices in Silicon Valley, the report added.

“Some workers complained to senior management about Malhotra, according to a message soliciting complaints. A linked document organised by Alphabet Workers Union, a labour organisation that has been petitioning Google to name caste in its non-discrimination policies, noted Malhotra had described homosexuality as a medical condition and Islam as a destructive force,” the Reuters report added.

Citing potential risks to the brand, the new Google speaker rules also asked employees to be wary of business reasons for hosting the speaker and if the event directly supports company goals.