Hasta la vista Democrats

by Fergus Downie

Looking at the outbreak of psychic masturbation in round 2 of the Democrat debates it was difficult to credit that this was the same party even of the Obama era let alone the Clintons’, and they at least had the saving grace of being devoid of any principle. All that was solid melted into air and it is unsurprising Biden as a stale pale heterosexual man panned in a field eagerly flourishing their victim credentials and reaching out to the most woke constituency in the DNC base. All in all, a shocker, and if the lisping Spanish melodrama had me cringing, the high point had to be Julian Castro’s ‘reproductive justice ‘ a curious concept creep which addresses the urgent question of abortion rights for trans females, who (and it is depressing I should have to labour this) cannot get pregnant. My pedantry on this latest logical abortion aside, the big question is ‘Why oh why?’ For a field seeking to unseat a new Hitler you might have thought they would abjure histrionics and meet the urgent tasks of the day.

The British Labour party at least learned their lessons in the 80s, and dishonestly tacked to the right with bogus immigration crack downs and a simulacra of therapeutic Victorian morality (remember ‘tough on crime tough on the causes of crime’). In 2019 having lost the votes of coal miners and steel workers in the rust belt they can find no more urgent priority than to euthanise them, and pander to a mental illness. Barely 0.3% of the population are prey to the collective hallucination of transgendersism, and hallucination is a term which perfectly captures the millennial infatuation with socialism.

In Europe socialism distinctly dour and humourless affair. Swedes are good at it because they’re colossal bores, but they at least work hard and are taxed through the nose for the privilege. Americans who can’t summon the heroism to leave their parent’s home and pay off loans they contracted for studying lesbian dance theory might find it a drag, and the non binary priorities that come with this infantile leftism are telling. I doubt the substance of the issue is really of fundamental importance beyond psychiatric wards but to flee from the harsh touch of the world is a perennial adolescent temptation. If you can define your gender why not everything else and demand your quota of ‘self esteem’. This is narcissism elevated into a political creed. Better to avoid the long boring meeting and flat ephemeral pamphlet for a lifetime of puerile risk free transgressions.

Biden struggles with all this. Whatever his follies he grew up in the old DNC where you were expected to legislate and get your hands dirty with the necessary compromises politics entail. With Biden, many of the courtesies he paid to men with unpleasant views are now coming back to haunt him, and he may never recover. Trump mercifully is likely to be the biggest beneficiary but there is something very troubling in the nihilism enveloping the Free World’s most important centre Left party. From its rampant culture of death, to its pursuit of open borders and an expanding quotas of wailing victims it has descended into a vortex of misanthropic campus activism, and when America sneezes Europe catches a cold. And we dont have a Trump.


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  1. The Democrat agenda: Open the borders, subsidize everything, soak the rich, appease foreign adversaries, hector everyone about racism.

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