HATE SPEECH Terror preacher Anjem Choudary calls for release of terrorist HOURS after his ban on public speaking ends

The Sun and Telegraph have a report on this, his first speech to journalists. On a Google search on Choudary’s name The Times has the headlineHate preacher Anjem Choudary’s inflammatory speech after …and the beginnings of an article “The hate preacher Anjem Choudary gave an inflammatory speech today, hours after a ban on him speaking in public expired.Choudary, who has been linked to …” but a click on the links results in the information This article has been deleted.” Cor!

The Sun reports thus

HATE speaker Anjem Choudary called for the release of terrorist Omar Bakri just hours after his ban on public speaking came to an end.  The vile bile spewing preacher spoke for the first time in five years in a small park in east London to MOAN about prison and his strict licence conditions. 

But after those restrictions were lifted at midnight didn’t waste time addressing a small crowd in East London, where he declared he was “innocent.”

He said: “I don’t agree about the law criminalising people for expressing their opinions. “I don’t think a Muslim in the media with the profile I have could ever have a fair trial anyway in Britain. “The jury would inevitably be biased. The judges, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Police, none of them could really be fair.

“I am an innocent man, I believe I was a prisoner of faith. If not exonerated in this life.

“I don’t believe I supported any prescribed organisation and I believe on top of that that if you live in a society where you have so-called freedom and democracy these things should never be criminalised anyway.”

He added: “I don’t think I’ve ever incited violence” and said he did not encourage people to join ISIS. . . I don’t think I did anything wrong according to divine text.” Well the Koran does give a ‘good’ Muslim an awful lot of scope for wrong. 

The Telegraph reports But halfway through his speech, in which none of Choudary’s supporters were in attendance, one passerby, of South Asian origin, shouted: “You don’t speak for us.” 

Addressing the crowd he said he would be “seeking the release of all Muslim prisoners of faith, including our dead (I think he means ‘dear’) Skeikh Omar Bakri Mohammad who is currently suffering torture and abuse in Lebanon.”

And moaning about his prison conditions, he added: “During the last five years Allah has destined for me to experience various trials at the hands of the British regime, including imprisonment in the UK’s first ‘Seperation Centre, in Frankland and the most Draconian licence conditions ever given to a person upon release.”

I can’t place the park. But I don’t know everything. 


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