Honouring Sivei Ah Chong Who Used a Broomstick To Whack the Allahu-Akbaring Mohammedan in Minto, Sydney

In the past twelve months in Israel, after the Stabbing Jihad was unloosed there with much allahu-akbaring and frenzied sermons in the mosques, there have been heroes such as Selfie-Stick Man, Guitar Man, Shopping-Trolley Man, and Umbrella Man, who seized whatever they could find to hand, with which to attempt to damp the frenzy of allahu-akbaring Mohammedans intent upon the murder of hapless non-Muslim civilians.  See, for example, this link from the excellent Israeli blog, Israellycool.



Now, from the Antipodes, rising up to confront the same horror as that which assails Jews in Israel – an allahu-akbaring mohammedan with a large knife, attempting murder of the despised Infidel – we have Broomstick Man.  His actions were briefly mentioned in a previous post on this allahu-akbar stabbing in Minto, but now there is a much more detailed account, courtesy of Ian Paterson and Jessica Rapana in the Daily Telegraph.  One may note that it appeared on September 11.


“Minto Terror Attack: Hero Sivei Ah Chong Confronted Knife-Wielding Man Who Was Attacking Neighbour”.

That should be “Confronted Knife-Wielding Allah-Crazed Muslim Who Was Attacking Neighbour”. – CM

‘A neighbour who confronted an alleged terrorist during a savage knife attack in southwestern Sydney yesterday has described the horrifying moment he was forced to confront the man to save another’s life.

‘Sivei Ah Chong, 43, was forced to repeatedly smash alleged terrorist Ihsas Khan in the head with a plank of wood as the 22 year old tried to stab Wayne Greenhalgh, 59, to death in an ISIS-inspired attack (sic; an attack inspired by the jihad doctrine of Islam – CM) and then waited for police to come because he wanted them to kill him (because the Koran says that those Muslims who “slay and are slain in the cause of Allah” get ‘paradise’ – CM).

Mr Ah Chong’s son Derek said Khan, who was brandishing what looked like a large hunting knife, was in a crazed state and kept trying to attack them, and Wayne, after being repeatedly hit in the head with a piece of timber.

My dad kept saying to him, Drop the knife or I will hit you, and he (Khan) just said, “Do it, I want you to do it”.  Then my dad grabbed the piece of wood he had used before and smashed him over the head again and he backed off then and he looked a bit dazed.”

“He then started yelling, “Call the police, call the police, I want them to come and shoot me, I want to die today.”

Surah 9.111 – “Allah has purchased of the faithful their lives and worldly goods and in return has promised them the Garden. They will fight for his cause, slay and be slain”. That is why Khan  – who probably thought he had managed to mortally wound his infidel victim – wanted to be killed by either Chong or the police. He wanted to be a shaheed. –  CM

‘Mr Ah Chong said he feared for his life, and thought he would have died if Khan had a gun, but at the time he only thought of trying to protect his family, and help Wayne.

“I kept yelling at him to put the knfie down, but he was still walking up to me, and I kept saying, put your knife down”, Mr Ah Chong said.

“Wayne had knife wounds to his arms and neck and his hands from trying to protect himself.  If he (Khan) had a gun, I would be dead.  I was very afraid for my life.”

Which makes what you did all the more significant. Thank you, Mr Ah Chong, for setting a good example for all threatened infidels.  – CM

‘Derek, 20, described the nightmare-like scene, as Wayne, suffering wounds to his hands, arms and neck, managed to stumbled away from Khan leaving blood splattered all over Mr Ah Chong’s Ford sedan, pleading with the family to save his life.

When I got outside I could see Wayne running towards our car, and he was yelling, “Help, help me”, and my dad has yelled at me to grab something from the garage and the closest thing I could find was the broom-stick, so I have grabbed that, and then my dad has chased the attacker and cut him off from Wayne,” he said.

He was trying to get at Wayne, who had run across to the neighbour’s house and my dad has hit the attacker across the head with a plank of wood, and Wayne has managed to get into the hairdresser’s house and locked himself inside there.

“By the time I came back from the garage my dad were standing out the front of the neighbour’s house and the attacker was trying to break into the hairdresser’s with his knife.

“He was stabbing at the glass sliding door and he was repeatedly praying in Arabic, saying Allah-Akbar, this is all for Allah, and he was constantly saying the blood that had been spilt inside the shop was a beautiful sight this is.”

‘When police arrived Derek said the crazed Khan charged at the approaching police car, sprinting about 50 metres repeatedly attacking the driver’s side door with his knife, before they were forced to repeatedly taser Khan to subdue him.

I observe that having been walloped upside the head with the broomstick  good and hard a couple of times Khan seems to have desisted from attacking Mr Ah Chong… – CM

“The cop car then accelerated off into a nearby street, and he followed after them, and he was trying to stab the police and then they had to taser him”, Derek said.

One wonders why Khan didn’t just get accidentally run over by the cop car.  Or shot (Aussie cops carry guns, and in the past have shot allahu-akbaring gunmen).  Though maybe they wanted to take this creature alive for purposes of questioning, in order to find out whether he had any ‘friends’ somewhere.  Loose thread, pull, see what’s at the other end. – CM

‘Other neighbours said the man was reportedly tasered up to four times and refused to let go of his knife.

High as a kite on ‘allah’.  The frenzy described in this account , a frenzy seen both in the attack and during the arrest, is very similar to the frenzied behaviour exhibited by the Mohammedan who, in a backpackers’ hostel in Home Hill, Queensland, murdered two non-Muslim British backpackers, wounded others who tried to intervene, and also butchered a dog.  Though quite possibly – like other allahu-akbaring attackers, such as those who attacked Mumbai in 2008 and those who attacked the Westgate Mall in Kenya not so long ago – Khan (and the other thug, also) may have been hopped up high as a kite on assorted stimulants and psycho-active substances, as well.  I wonder whether the cops did a blood and spit test after the arrest? – CM

‘The hairdresser salon which Wayne fled into was reportedly covered in blood, and the brave actions of the Ah Chong father and son saved the life of the popular local who was regularly seen walking around the neighbourhood.”




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