How Charlie-Hebdo’s Latest Issue Is Beiing Received, And Its Translations

At lefigaro.fr, a round-up of news on where, and how, the new issue of Charliie-Hebdo was received, disseminated, and its contents cover reproduced — or not.

In France, all 3 million copies have sold out. And the publishing of editions in Arabic and Turkish (Farsi would have been a good choice too) is wonderful.

Now will the government of France — far out in front of the lumbering, inhibited, confused (Kerry, Obama, et al) United States — arrange for the translating, and publication in a half-dozen languages, of “Why I Am Not A Muslim” (Ibn Warraq), and other works by apostates, including Wafa Sultan, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and the late Anwar Shaikh, whose constant theme was that Islam was no more than “the Arab National Religion,” the vehicle of Arab supremacism, an instrument for arabizing people who were not Arabs. Anwar Shaikh’s books should be translated, and distributed, or made available, all over the Western world, and in as many Muslim-dominated countries as is possible. It should find its way to Iran (where hatred of Arabs, and resentment over Islam as “the gift of the Arabs,” is strong), to Indonesia (where the visible signs of the Hindu and Buddhist past exist to remind people of their pre-Islamic past), to the Berbers, not only in Morocco and Algeria, but the Berbers now in France.