"How Long Do We Have To Apologize For The Acts Of World War II?"


A statement, by a German, quoted  in an article published today in the Christian Science Monitor.


Not apologize, but  make amends, in domestic and foreign policy.

The best way to make amends, pitiful though those amends may be in comparison to the damage done before and during that war, is to make sure that Europe, devastated by the Nazis, is not devastated by their truest inheritors, the carriers of Islam, allowed so negligently and foolishly to settle deep behind those borders which Islam teaches are to be regarded as enemy lines. And the best way to make amends to those most harmed by  the German Nazis, and not only by them but by all their willing collaborators in so many European lands, that is to the Jewish people, is to make sure that Europe  remains, or again becomes, a safe place for Jews to live and to travel. That can best be done, that can only be done, by limiting the power, influence, and numbers of today’s most dangerous carriers of implacable antisemitism, Muslims.


2 Responses

  1. 100% correct and thank you.

    What is it with Europe? Murder the Jews in WWII. Make amends by inviting in 20, 30 or 50 million Muslims filth who now do your dirty work for you by killing your Jews because now you are ‘anti-Zionist’ and not anti-Jewish. Whom do you think you are fooling with this tactic?

    Wow – can’t you guys in Europe learn anything?

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