How Much Cultural Misunderstanding Must The Peoples Of The West Endure?

The 1965 change to the Immigration Law ended the Europe-based policies that the American government had always favored, recognizing that the United States is, by law and custom, by language and literature, and by so much else, a child of Europe, and it would have caused cultural and other kinds of disruption, quite unnecessary and easily avoidable disruption, to change such sensible policies if the goal of government is to provide cultural coherence and continuity. The decades since have confirmed that the eager enthusiasts — with Edward Kennedy, who was sheltered by his trust-fund existence (he was said never to pay any bill, no matter how small, himself, but let others, or let his trust fund, do it for him), in the lead — for opening up the United States to “people from all over” because, you see, “People Are The Same The Whole World Over,” are wrong. And the decades of hysterical promotion of Diversity (and the changes in the university and high school curricula to reflect and endlessly celebrate that “diversity”), are attempts to deal with the unease and worry and inability to accept a New Order that ignores the Deep Psychology of trusting, favoring, being at ease with, those who are not, at least superficially, too different.

Here’s a little story — note that the three men involved probably have no understanding, or agreement, with our laws, our attempts to protect the environment. America for them is just a place to receive benefits, and to live, as they have lived, hunter-gatherers in the wilds of central Massachusetts. And note, too, that there is a hint of the requirement that every defendant should be supplied with an interpreter of his own, possibly quite obscure language — and the expense involved just for this is terrific.


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