Hundreds of protesters descend on Downing Street to ‘defy Tory rule’ after Boris Johnson’s election victory

From the London Evening Standard and Robert Peston, TV presenter and Alexandra Philips MEP both via twitter. The far left libtards seem unable to understand why the Labour party suffered its worst general election result since 1935. That’s a long time ago, even before I was born. Even my late parents were not old enough to vote. 

Hundreds of protesters have descended on Downing Street to “defy Tory rule” after Boris Johnson’s election victory. 

A crowd of protesters were pictured in Westminster holding signs which read: “No to Boris Johnson” and “Defy Tory rule”. A spokesman for Met Police said they had been made aware of the protests but there had been no arrests. 

Don’t tell me those banners were knocked up quickly some time after 4am this morning when enough results were declared for the nation to know that it was a Conservative party landslide. And as always, I’d like to know where the money comes to have them printed and mounted. 

It comes after the Tories won a 80-seat majority in a historic election  which saw Labour suffer its worst election since 1935.

A spokesman for Transport for London said Whitehall was closed both ways from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square. 

The road later reopened as the demonstration progressed northbound onto Haymarket, TfL said in a tweet. 

Link to Peston’s video here.  Chanting “Not my Prime Minister”

One video showed a flare being set off as police reportedly separated a group of anti-Tory and pro-Brexit protesters. 

Similar demonstrations are taking place in Leeds and Glasgow. They really don’t understand the idea of voting and then the majority vote is implimented do they? 

Update – video from UNN of Antifa clashing with the police next to the Cenotaph in Whitehall. A screenshot to give you an idea if you can’t access the video.