Hunt for Islamic radicals infiltrating public sector

From the Times and The Telegraph

David Cameron has launched a major review into whether Islamist extremists have infiltrated the NHS, the civil service, local authorities and the country’s education system. I believe that they are deep within the Civil Service AND the legal profession. 

The Prime Minister has ordered officials to carry out an investigation to make sure British institutions are protected from the threat of “entryism” by radicals. The Home Office defines entryism as an attempt by extremist individuals, groups or organisations to gain positions of influence to enable them to promote extremist agendas. 

It follows the Trojan Horse plot in Birmingham, where Islamist extremists attempted to take over a number of schools and radicalise children. 

There will also be an investigation into the application of Sharia, powers to intervene in faith-based “supplementary schools” and an “extremism community trigger” to guarantee that police will take seriously complaints from the public about suspected extremists.

The inquiry into Sharia will focus on applications incompatible with law, such as when women are pressurised to reconcile with violent husbands despite legal injunctions to protect them. 

The Muslim Council of Britain said that the strategy had “McCarthyist undertones”. 

Shuja Shafi, secretary-general of the Muslim Council, said: “It risks being counterproductive by alienating the very people needed to confront al-Qaeda or Daesh-related [Islamic State] terrorism: British Muslim communities. Whether it is in mosques, education or charities, the strategy will reinforce perceptions that all aspects of Muslim life must undergo a ‘compliance’ test to prove our loyalty to this country.”

The Ramadhan Foundation said the strategy was a missed opportunity to work with the Muslim community. Mohammed Shafiq, its chief executive, said: “Continuing to push ahead when there is such little support from the Muslim community means this latest PR exercise will fail. . . we require approach … adopted that will see Muslims as equal citizens and not some sort of aliens to be bashed from time to time for political gains.” 

Enough of the victimhood already. Shape up or ship out.


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