If Only Money Could Buy Common Sense

Over at forbes.com George Soros is, once again (sigh), reported as having said something spectacularly stupid. Here it is:

“The rise of ISIS and the crumbling of the Middle East has created a crisis for Europe, and Soros said German Chancellor Angela Merkel may have erred in opening the country to refugees. “She risked her political capital and lost,” Soros said. Nonetheless, he expressed optimism that Germany and other European powers could successfully integrate migrants.”

(My emphasis.)

(From http://www.forbes.com/sites/antoinegara/2016/01/21/billionaire-hedge-fund-mogul-george-soros-donald-trump-is-doing-the-work-of-isis/#5cce7c0a2f7c )

I have only two questions for Mr. Soros and they are as follows:


Can you, Mr. Soros, name me one occasion from any period in history when Moslems have integrated into any host culture that they have infiltrated? One, just one, valid example of successful integration of Moslems into a host culture is all that I am asking for.


Mr. Soros, are you aware that Moslems are repeatedly forbidden in the Koran, and in all the other texts that they consider to be holy, from integrating into any host culture that they happen to live in? Well, are you? Or are you just exhibiting the usual crass stupidity of those on the left wing of politics as opposed to the usual pathological duplicity?

Oh, and by the way, Mr. Soros, even you must be aware that one other comment in the article that I have linked to above and that is attributed to you is probably the crassest and most spectacularly stupid thing that could ever be said in connection with Germany and its current problems.

What did you say?

Well, this is what you said:

“What you have to do is just print money.”

Some Germans still remember the last time that they did precisely that!