Ilana Freedman: The Alternate Universe of Barack Obama

Our astute colleague Ilana Freedman has zeroed in on the parallel universe of President Obama in her latest op-ed, “The Alternate Universe of Barack Obama.” Her observations mirror the comments of contributing editor Dr. Richard Rubenstein in a 2010 NER Symposium video interview who called Obama the “most radical US President ever.” This morning in a phone conversation, we commiserated about a scoop she had on the Obamites in his circle engaged in advising and funding the Labor Hatnua leftist coalition in the current snap election campaign in Israel scheduled for March 17th. A leftist coalition is rumored to be fashioning a possible new coalition with the recently unified Arab parties, despite their seditious policies favoring the destruction of the Jewish State. 

The hypocrisy of the Obama West Wing is reflected in his rationale of why he won’t meet with Israeli PM Netanyahu when he comes to speak at the AIPAC Policy Conference on March 6th and give his third address before a Joint Session of Congress: they claimed it is not their policy to meet with foreign leaders during domestic political campaigns. Balderdash. As Freedman recently reported, the Administration is enlisting outside experts to advise the leftist political allies in the Knesset general elections running against Netanyahu. That news broke Tuesday. See:  Breitbart News, Obama Campaign Team Arrives in Israel to Defeat Netanyahu in March Elections.

Freedman’s comment:

Really? Interesting. But according to our sources close to the political centers of Washington, the Obama team has already sent campaign advisers and funneled $10 million to Netanyahu’s opponents in the upcoming national elections in order to help defeat Netanyahu’s Likud party in March. So much for that “long-standing practice” of not getting involved!

There is a precedent for that in the 1999 general elections in Israel. Clinton campaign managers, pollsters, and media experts, James “snakehead” Carville, Stanley Greenberg, and Bob Shum signed on to advise  Labor’s Ehud Barak’s election defeating incumbent PM Netanyahu resoundingly. Barak had promised to withdraw from the Security Belt by 2000 that saw the unseemly evacuation of the South Lebanese Army allies and created a vacuum for Hezbollah to take over the area north of Israel’s border.

The late Barry Rubin of GLORIA  noted in a review of external factors in the 1999 General election, published in a  Middle East Review of International Affairs December 1999 article, this telling comment:

One journalist wrote, “[The Administration] has made little effort to conceal its interest in a victory for Ehud Barak.” Another noted, “It does not take much detective work in the corridors of Washington to see how the Clinton administration is cold-shouldering Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and subtly trying to help his more conciliatory challengers.”

Thus President Obama’s rationale is duplicitous and reminiscent of what Clinton winked at in Israel’s 1999 general election. It looks like it is back to the future in Israel’s upcoming snap Knesset election. The good news is that Israelis seem to be getting good and tired of Obama’s shenanigans and have finally awakened to the fact that he doesn’t have their back. The result may well be a resounding re-election for Bibi, as the drums of war rattle in the north as well as the south. 

The Alternate Universe of Barack Obama

By Ilana Freedman


A perfect storm is gathering in the Middle East, fueled by revolution, increasingly organized Islamic terrorism at its most brutal, and the repositioning of world leaders as they struggle to wrap their arms around the growing threat. The gathering storm is being fed in the most unlikely way by a man who is at once afraid of his own power and, at the heart of it, delusional about his vision and his ability to achieve it.  He leaves critical decisions to others no more competent than himself, and delays implementing them, often until the need to act has passed. He panders to our enemies and offends our allies. He has undermined the strength of his nation and fed power to those who would destroy it.  (Read more here.)




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  1. Really alternate universe ? The alternate universe is inhabited by the neoconservative chicken hawk extremists of the leftover remnants of the Bush sr and reagan administrations along with the Cheney’s Shrub administration that was comrised of 60% leftovers of the cesspool of fascist neoconservatives.

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