In Australia, "Middle Eastern" Criminals Are Very , Very Busy

And somehow I do not think that they are primarily from culturally-Christian or culturally-Jewish backgrounds.

First, the illegal tobacco business, which is booming.  As reported by David Hurley for the Herald-Sun

“Middle Eastern Crime Gangs Main Players in Australia’s Illegal Tobacco Boom”.

‘Middle Eastern Crime gangs are behind the massive boom in the illicit tobacco market in Australia.

‘The gangs are flooding our cities with illegal cigarettes and tobacco as they seek to cash in on smokers looking to save money on the black market.

‘Figures reveal a huge increase in the importation of ilelgal cigarettes and “chop chop” tobacco via sea and air over the past year.

‘The chief executive of the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, Roman Quaed-Vlieg, said authorities were now contending with “more players” in the black market, with increasing numbers of criminals attracted to the lucrative business.

“Certainly, onshore, the people who are involved in the Australian end of the importation are ethnically-based crime gangs and predominantly Middle Eastern”, Mr Quaedvlieg said.

I doubt that they’re Jewish. I’d be surprised if those engaged in this activity turned out to be mostly of culturally-Christian backgrounds – though there might be some.  So what belief system is most likely to have shaped the character and attitudes of those engaged in all this criminal activity? – CM

‘Chop-chop bound for Australia usually comes from Indonesia (and which belief system suffuses the culture and society there? – CM) while the millions of illicit cigarettes that enter the country come from the UAE.

That is, from the overwhelmingly-Muslim Emirates. – CM

‘Between July and December last year, authorities made 27 detections of chop-chop, weighing 69 tonnes, in sea cargo.

‘Almost all of the tobacco entered Australia through Melbourne and Sydney ports.

‘In the same period, 16 million cigarettes which entered the country via sea cargo were seized.

‘The amount of illegal tobacco being smuggled by air also shot up dramatically, with more than 500 detections in the last six months of 2014, including 7 million illegal cigarettes. 

‘The same period the year before saw only 190 detections.

“We recognise this problem”, Mr Quaedvlieg said. “It is a priority and we are dealing with it. We are seeing the same scattergun phenomenon which we see in the importation of drugs, with illicit tobacco.

“We are seeing scattergun imports across air cargo, international mail and travelling passengers.  The air stream has become an efficient and fast supply chain.”

‘Australian authorities are working closely with overseas agencies and big tobacco companies to try to clamp down on illicit tobacco smuggling.  “We are being a lot more active with our overseas partners”, Mr Quaedvlieg said.

“I have recently talked to my counterpart in Indonesia, the Director-General of Customs and Excise. We talked about information sharing and operational activites.”

Good luck, if you think that Muslim Indonesia or Muslim UAE – societies suffused with Islam and riddled with corruption – can be trusted to make any real effort to stop Muslims from their countries pouring illicit drugs into Infidel Australia in order to enrich the Ummah in Australia.

And besides illegal tobacco, there is “ice”.  Cops from the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad just made a huge drug ‘bust’ in Sydney.

“Six Men Allegedly Involved in Major Sydney Drug Syndicate Arrested in Police Operation.

‘Six men have been arrested as part of a police operation targeting an alleged major drug syndicate in Sydney’s west.

‘Detectives and the NSW Tactical Operations Unit arrested three men aged 17, 18 and 21 at a car park in Wentworthville and another three men aged 19, 24 and 30 at Merrylands, on drug and firearms-related offences.

‘After the arrests, detectives and riot squad officers (observe the use of the riot squad? – CM) carried out eight simultaneous search warrants at properties in Millers Point, Rozelle, Pemulwuy, Arncliffe, Guildford, South Granville, and two in Canley Vale.

‘Police conducted extensive searches of the properties, during which they located and seized three kilograms of the drug ice along with firearms, and more than $100,000 in cash.  A number of vehicles were also seized during the raids.

‘Hurstville police Commander Peter McErlain said the syndicate appeared to be behind a major supply of the drug ice.

‘Ice dealers, they devastate families, they disrupt our children”, Commander McErlain said. “They just damage lives and careers of people. It’s just a damaging drug.”

‘Violent’ syndicate operated for six months, police say.

“To have this amount of the drug ice off the streets is a very, very significant milestone for us.  Our colleagues in the FBI in the US refer to ice dealers as two-legged rats and I probably think they’re being too kind.”

‘The detectives were part of Strike Force Dawed, which included officers from the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad, which was set up in February to investigate the alleged supply of prohibited drugs throughout Sydney.

That sentence is a little unclear.  It is Strike Force Dawed which was set up in February; not the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad, which has been going for a good deal longer; which was, in fact, created in response to the very particular type and intensity of crime that began to proliferate after the number of Muslims in Australia – mostly from the Middle East, notably Lebanon – simply exploded, from the late 1970s onward. For more on that topic, see former cop Tim Priest’s classic article, “The Rise of Middle Eastern Crime in Australia”, which would have been more accurately titled had it been called “The Rise of Muslim Crime in Australia”  – CM

‘Commander McErlain said one of the men arrested would be accused of a shooting in Wentworthville in March in which another man was shot in the lower leg with a shotgun.

“It would show the propensity of violence that these people were considered using just to protect their drug franchinse”, he said.

“It is a fairly significant disruption of a violent criminal syndicate which has been operating certainly in the south-west and north-west [of Sydney] for over six months.”

‘Commander McErlain said it was a major operation and there could be more arrests to follow.

‘”We’re certainly looking for a number of other members of the syndicate, and investigations will continue until they’re arrested.”

Now, there are bad apples in all barrels.  I stand prepared to correct as required, should some of those arrested in these latest raids turn out to be non-Muslim Aussies.  But bitter experience, in Australia and in the UK and across Europe and in the USA, is showing that as soon as one has a largeish colony of Mohammedans one finds that a significant percentage of them seem to get involved in criminal activity, much of it ‘organised’ (extortion, fraud, drug smuggling, car rebirthing), and often accompanied by extreme violence.   Which is not so surprising once one stops and reflects that Mohammed and his ‘companions’, once they really got going, made a living from armed robbery and slave-trading, and that the dhimma system is basically an extortion racket.  – CM





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