Independent Muslim school in Luton blasted by Ofsted chief for segregating male and female staff


A Luton school has retained its ‘inadequate’ rating after segregating male and female staff – with the chief inspector of Ofsted directly criticising leaders of the school for ‘undermining’ British values of equality. In a stinging letter to education secretary Nick Morgan, Ofsted’s chief inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw expresses concerns about gender segregation in three independent faith schools in the town.

But he singled out Rabia Girls’ and Boys’ School, on Dunstable Road in Bury Park, after inspectors were ‘so concerned about the behaviours modelled by the leaders of this school’.

The school was inspected between April 12 and April 21 and inspectors found men and women were being segregated through the use of a dividing screen across the middle of the room, despite the meeting not being of a religious nature. The inspector also saw staff segregated during training sessions, with males sitting in one room while the training session was simultaneously broadcast to female staff in another part of the school.

This was of such concern to Oftsed that even though they found improvements across other areas of the school, they said it would remain rated as ‘inadequate’.

“Indeed, it is my view that these revised standards are being actively undermined by some leaders, governors and proprietors.. . HMI will remain vigilant in ensuring that such behaviour, which clearly flouts the requirement to promote British values, is identified and reported.Any form of segregation, without a good educational reason, is likely to lead to an inadequate inspection judgement for leadership and management.”

Luton On Sunday has contacted the school for comment.

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