Innsbruck Austria: 15-Year-Old Dies in Hospital Week After Syrians Dump Her in Stairwell

This is in the local Austrian press, and I have read the Tiroler Tageszeitung report to the limited extent that my schoolgirl German and Google translate will take me. But Breitbart is the only English language publication that I can find so far with the story.

A 15-year-old girl has died in hospital a week after she was found in a stairwell. Police are questioning two Syrians in connection with her death.

The girl was discovered by passersby in a lifeless state in a stairwell on September 27. Medical staff were initially able to resuscitate the 15 year old, and took her to hospital, but she died yesterday of what toxicology reports indicate was a cocaine overdose.

Shortly after the girl was discovered in Innsbruck, police brought a Syrian man in for questioning in relation to the case. The 22 year old told officials that he and a friend had watched through a window and seen two Moroccan men moving the girl to the stairwell.

In subsequent interrogations, police found the Syrian’s story to be full of contradictions and a second Syrian national was questioned. Eventually, they had to admit the girl had consumed drugs and alcohol in their apartment.

The two men had moved the girl outside when she lost consciousness as they were afraid they would get in trouble with the police, the Tiroler Tageszeitung reported.

The two men, both of whom have been granted asylum, are blaming one another for the girl’s death. . . The Syrians are not being held in custody.

A few years ago I might have thought this was a tragic, one off incident. An unfortunate girl and two unscrupulous young men – it happens. But, as echoed in the comments, one placename changes what we see. Rotherham. Not as beautiful as Innsbruck. I visited Innsbruck two years ago for the first time in 30 years. It wasn’t as clean, or as glamorous as I remember, although the villages of the surrounding Tyrol felt as safe. 


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