Ireland’s Anti-Israel TV Bias

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  1. I admire Robert Harris for having the stamina to do this, on his own, and not to lose, as he might so easily have done, heart. What an effort in the study of unfairness and, let’s face it, antisemitism, what an intelligent and judicious indictment. What has madeso much of the Irish media, and therefore so many people in Ireland, peculiarly susceptible to this unfairness, is a question I often ask myself. It remains a puzzle.

  2. I’ve heard it said that the 17th century 30 Year’s War between Catholics and Protestants never ended in Ireland, and neither have the old attitudes towards Jews, particularly among Irish Catholics. It really doesn’t matter what outrages the Muslims do, the Jews will always be, for some, the children of Satan (John 8:44).

  3. @ Hugh Fitzgerald, thank you very much for the positive comments on the study. Your own insightful work is appreciated similarly. I have the distinct sense that anti-Semitism is wired into particular sub-sets of Western consciousness. Perhaps the Irish were never really challenged by the consequences of anti-Semitism, having a somewhat peripheral Jewish community here for so long, and being saved from the consequences of Germanic occupation. After WWII, many in Ireland believed the Holocaust was an invention by the British, children of Holocaust victims weren’t allowed stay permanently etc.

    @ jewdog, perhaps you’re thinking of the Irish Confederate Wars of the 1640s and 50s? It was in a way a period that this country still struggles with, particularly in the ‘North’. It was a particularly terrible period, which possibly played a role in entrenching a particularly harsh from of Catholicism in Ireland, well past the foundation of the Irish State.

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