Is It Time for the East Europeans to Lead?

by Gary Fouse

The news out of West Europe continues to be nothing but bad. Terror attacks, rapes, murders, crime in the streets, hundreds of thousands of migrants pouring in from the Middle East and Africa, and the (west) Europeans seem powerless to stop any of it. Instead, political correctness reigns supreme. Europeans who speak out against it all are threatened with prosecution for hate speech. Conservative parties, though they are growing in popularity, have yet to take power as evidenced by recent elections in the UK, France, Austria and the Netherlands. The establishment parties and politicians who are responsible for this mess remain in power. To be sure, they are threatened; they feel the pressure. However, it is not enough that parties who want to stop unchecked immigration and get the radical Islamic elements out of their countries come in second place in elections. They need to win control of their respective countries. And standing behind all this in solid support of the establishment parties, who allow more and more immigration, is the EU-the new Soviet Union- trying to hold itself together and keep control over the lives of its member states’ citizens.

In contrast, stand the Eastern Europeans, countries like the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. Only recently having come out of the darkness of communism, they are not willing to surrender newly found freedoms so easily. They are defying the EU’s mandate to take in “their fair share” of Syrians, other Arabs, refugees, asylum-seekers, migrants, and those who might carry out terrorist attacks in the future. It is these nations who are more supportive of the US. It is these nations who say that they bear no past responsibility for the plight of the migrants and refugees. They state openly that these people will never assimilate into the host country culture, and they want no part of it.

How refreshing is that?

For example, here is Polish MP  Jaroslaw Aleksander Kaczynski speaking just this week about the issue.

Last October, as reported by Gates of Vienna, Hungarian voters voted to reject the EU’s mandatory quotas for migrants into their country. Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, has promised to follow through. He is adamantly opposed to importing these problems into his country. Last week, the prime minister again promised to stand firm.

In addition, the Czechs have said, “no more.”

Not surprisingly, the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels are threatening retaliation if Eastern European countries don’t get in line with the program. It makes Eastern Europeans wonder what is the good of being in the EU if they have to accept these dictates.

It seems to me that it is our newest allies in Eastern Europe who are acting with more common sense and responsibility while the westerners are pursing a path of insanity and self destruction. If the EU is going to continue, it needs to wake up to the threat of this mass invasion and stop issuing threats to the Eastern Europeans. The Germans and French may be the most powerful, but they have forfeited the moral right to lead Europe.



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