ISIS-inspired youth wanted to poison Mumbai’s water sources


And not just the water, Hindu temple sacred food as well as experimenting with explosives. And they were ‘students’ of Zakir Naik
From India Today and DNA India

Members of an “IS-inspired” terror group arrested from Maharashtra in January for allegedly planning mass killing at a temple were inspired by speeches of controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, according to an ATS charge sheet filed in a Mumbai court.

They had tried to poison the temple’s ‘maha prasad’ (holy food) at the temple, it said, adding that they also underwent training for making explosives and poison and participated in blast trials at a hill near the Mumbra bypass in Thane district.

Four days after the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorist Squad filed a charge sheet … the ATS has revealed that the men had a bigger sinister plan – to poison water sources. The men had conspired to put later a lethal substance into water sources in Mumbai, which could have catastrophic consequences.

One of the prime conspirators, Jaman Nawab Khuteupad, has been identified as a chemical expert. The 32-year-old Mumbra resident worked as a pharmacist at the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and played an instrumental role in concocting the poison to be used in the ‘prasad’ to be offered at the temple.

According to the charge sheet, “the accused were inspired by speeches of Naik”, against whom charges of money laundering have been filed by the Enforcement Directorate. The ATS found several videos featuring Naik and his images on social media profiles of the accused, it said.

According to the charge sheet, some of the accused arrested also attended physical training sessions for terror activities at a stadium in Mumbra.

The accused have been identified as Abu Hamza, Fahad Ansari, Talha Potrik, Mohsin Khan alias Abu Marya, Mohammad Takky Khan alias Abu Khalid, Atai Waris Abdul Rashid Shaikh alias Mazhar, Salman Khan alias Abu Ubeda, Mushahed Ul-Islam, Jaman Nawab Khuteupad alias Abu Kital and a minor.


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  1. Unfortunately for India, Naik lives happily in Malaysia, which is as helpful as Pakistan when it comes to preventing Jihadist activity

    What I don’t get – why would Muslims be allowed to do any business w/ a Hindu temple, when temples have such a notorious reputation of being picky about castes? Non-Brahmin Hindus don’t pose any threat to temples, but Muslims do

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