ISIS’ Plan to Destroy Israel

Bridget Johnson at PJ Media keeps a watching brief on ISIS media. In February 2015, she alerted us to earlier ISIS ebook in its series -see below-  about conquering the Vatican in “Black Flags from the Vatican”. Yesterday, she published her rundown of ISIS’ plan to destroy Israel in a new 150 page eBook, “Black Flags from Palestine.” The strategy involves use of advanced computer printing technology, improvised explosive device drones with a request for Edward Snowden to convert.  It is set against its apocalyptic end times barbarous ideology and bizarrely uses a prediction from  the late Israeli PM Menachem Begin. Note this.

“ISIS pegs the year 2022 as the “beginning of the end” for Israel because of late Prime Minister Menachem Begin’s quote in 1982 during the war with Lebanon about a “historic period of peace for Israel” — “and the land was quiet for forty years.” In addition to citing a Jew for their apocalyptic prophesy, this ISIS book gives some wiggle room on the 2020 timing for the fall of Rome — “Allah only knows best.” 

Johnson draws attention to why ISIS views the left in the West as allies and weakness of coalition forces to engage in ground combat endeavoruing to destroy it:

The Islamic State, it says, “re-awoke” in the midst of Syrian turmoil and “the exit of American troops from Iraq in 2010.”

“The Western powers would not get involved in physical ground combat because they had just withdrawn from a failed war in Iraq (their public wouldn’t be happy with it.) This opportunity gave the Islamic State to grow stronger, with more fighters and more territory and resources as the world watched on. Those who had left Europe to join the Islamic State would now be able to help other Europeans’ get into Syria… Here they could learn basic armed/shooting combat, assassination techniques, how to make explosives from homemade materials etc.”

The book doesn’t include a publish date, but it discusses the “shocking secret” revealed by the Kouachi brothers’ January attacks in France and subsequent busting up of a terror cell in Belgium: “There were small armies of the Islamic State within every country of Europe by late 2014, and the intelligence agencies didn’t even know about it!”

It states that European Muslims can ally with “a growing population of left-winged activists (people who are against; human/animal abuses, Zionism, and Austerity measures etc)” who “look up to the Muslims as a force who are strong enough to fight against the injustices of the world” in countering a growing divide between Muslims and “right-wing neo-Nazis.” It specifically cites people who are “sometimes” allied with Anonymous or anarchy groups — even though, angered by the assault on Charlie Hebdo, Anonymous is currently carrying out a hacking operation to take down ISIS accounts.

“If you have ever been at a pro-Palestine / anti-Israel protest, you will see many activists who are not even Muslims who are supportive of what Muslims are calling for (the fall of Zionism). It is most likely here that connections between Muslims and Left-wing activists will be made, and a portion from them will realise that protests are not effective, and that armed combat is the alternative,” the book states. “So they will start to work together in small cells of groups to fight and sabotage against the ‘financial elite’.”

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Her analysis should arouse concerns for Israel’s security and a concerted coordinated military effort to destroy this Salafist Jihadist beehive of a self-declared Caliphate attracting tens of thousands of foreign fighters from across the Muslim Ummah to rally to the holy cause of ethnic cleansing of all infidels; whether Jews, Christians, ancient religious minorities, Hindus, Buddhists and, yes, liberal secular humanists.

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