"Islam Is Part Of Germany"

Angela Merkel apparently thinks that just because, out of criminal negligence, many Turks, and then other Muslims, were allowed to come and settle within Germany in the last few decades, this means that Muslims are, or can be, part of the fabric of Germany society. She appears to believe, without having looked into what animates Muslims, what suffuses their states, their societies, their communities, their families, that is what is in the Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira, and what it means if your Perfect Man, worthy of emulation in every thing at every moment, is Muhammad, al-insan al-kamil, as depicted in the canonical texts of Islam. She doesn’t know, and she doesn’t want to know.

But here is something Angela Merkel does know. She knows that within living memory Germans, millions of them, with great delight and gusto murdered six million Jewish men, women, and children, gassed them, poisoned them, beat them to death, threw them alive into crematoria, robbed them, gouged out their eyes, injected them with typhus, threw them into ice water and kept them there, freezing them to death in order to see how humans could cope, or not cope, with such temperatures, and performed every kind of ghastly experiment not only Mengele, but hundreds other German “researchers” could come up with — and many of them remained after the war, as did so many judges, and so many hundreds of thousands of others, even  perhaps millions, directly responsible for committing those murder, as part of the SS or, other organs of the Nazi State including, on the Eastern Front, the Wehrmacht. And she knows that with the destruction of so much of European Jewry, Germany, and the rest of Europe, was culturally impoverished — its art, its science, its literature, its scholarship, its music, its philosohy and political thought — for a long time. And I think Angela Merkel has some sense that if the Jews are forced to leave Germany again, those who have in a spirit of hope made it their home, and leave Europe, too, that the cultural degringolade, and moral collapse (of those who remain in those countries, and still possess a moral sense) will be total, and Europe will not recover.

Now she has to know that the people who want to prevent the Islamisierung, islamisation, of Europe, or at least some for them, also have another aim: they want Germany, they want Europe, not only to be free of all that Islam,but also to be free or safe from what  the large-scale presence of Muslims, means (and it means great daily unpleasantness, and expense, and physical insecurity, for all non-Muslims, including not only the indigenous Europeans, but other, non-Muslim, immigrants), and among the things it means is this:  that Jews will be unsafe, will be attacked, will need special security measures,will feel constantly under threat, and in order to lead normal lives free of such fear, will leave.

Does Angela Merkel want that? If she shows up at those anti-Pegida rallies, rallies supported by real fascists, real neo-Nazis of the red-brown variety, she will be encouraging those who want the Jews down, and out, and discouraging the dignified protesters, whose spiritual inspiration may be Thilo Sarrazin (who wants more Jews in Germany, and fewer Muslims, though in the press he is always deliberately described as being “anti-Jewish” and “anti-Muslim”). Go ahead, Angela Merkel, stand against those who, in Germany as in France, in France as in the United Kiingdom, are trying to make their rulers hear.


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  1. If I were in Germany – I who count Germans among my forebears, as well as Danes, and Scots, and Irish, and English – I would go to a PEGIDA rally wearing my Star of David, and carrying a German flag over one shoulder and the flag of Israel over the other. “Resist Jihad: Liberate Germany; stand with Israel”.

    In order for Germany to be safe for Jews and for native non-Muslim Germans (whether Christian or atheist) and for non-Muslim immigrants of every kind, not least those few Christians from Syria and Iraq who have somehow managed to escape to the West, and Copts from Egypt, and also for those who, within Germany, have shucked off Islam and embraced either Christianity or atheism, Germany *must* put a stop to Muslim immigration and *reverse* the Islamisation that has already occurred.

    Every Western land needs a movement like PEGIDA, and one that does not stop and refuses to be intimidated or hectored into silence.

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