Islamic Singer Kills His Parents Over Alleged Blasphemy Against Prophet. Murderer: Killing My Parents An Act Of Jihad


From The Daily Trust and The Nigerian Tribune

Munkaila Ahmadu, the man who killed his parents in Jigawa state, has told the police that he committed the crime as a form of Jihad.

Daily Trust reports that Ahmadu, a resident of Zarada-Sabuwa village of Gagarawa LGA in Jigawa state, reportedly used a wooden pestle to attack his father, Ahmad Muhammad, 70, who was the village head of Zarada-Sabuwa village and his mother, Hauwa Ahmadu, 60, while also attacking Kailu Badugu, 65, and Hakalima Ahmadu, 50.

Speaking with our reporter on Saturday, spokesman of the police in Jigawa state, DSP Lawan Shiisu Adam, said the suspect has admitted to the crime and did not show any remorse. He said the suspect, who is a teacher at an Islamic school in the state, was not under any influence of drugs when he committed the act. According to the police spokesman, the suspect said his parents were fond of ridiculing him whenever he carried out his religious rites.

It was gathered that the victim in a recorded video while in police custody and made available to newsmen maintained that he is not remorseful over his action, saying his parents committed blasphemy against the Prophet and they have to die that way. Ahmadu, a father of five children revealed that his parents were opposed to him becoming a bege singer (one who sings the praises of Prophet of Muhammad).

“I killed them because they refuse to accept the truth concerning the prophet Muhammad (S.W.A). I killed them because they abused the prophet and their punishment is death, there is no repentance for any person who abused the Prophet.

“I am a praise singer for the prophet, this year I intend to do a video for my song and God willing, I will do that, I will be free because God is with the righteous person, that is why I am not worrying over my action,” he said in the video.
“I am now in police custody because, by human thinking, I did a wrong thing but in the sight of God and the Prophet what I did is the right thing.”

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