Islamic State ‘Beatle’ Alexanda Kotey told to ‘rot in Hell’ as he is jailed for life

A British-born member of the Islamic State execution squad known as “The Beatles” was told to “rot in Hell” as he was sentenced to eight life terms in a US court.

Alexanda Kotey, 38, originally from Paddington, London, was jailed on charges including hostage-taking and conspiracy to murder.

While he was led away Kotey was approached to within a few feet by Bethany Haines, daughter of the murdered British aid worker David Haines. She told Kotey: “I hope you go rot in Hell.”

In a statement 11-year-old Athea Haines, a daughter of Mr Haines, who was four when he died, said: “Sometimes I get sad when I see my friends laughing and playing with their fathers. It’s not easy to be the girl in school whose dad was killed by terrorists.”

In her statement Bethany Haines said: “I wake up during the night hearing my dad’s screams as he is being tortured by these men.” Addressing Kotey directly, she said: “The only thing you can do that would help the victims would be to give up the location of the remains of our loved ones.”

Kotey is expected to serve the first 15 years at a “supermax” prison in Colorado, where Abu Hamza is also held, before being transferred to the UK to serve the rest of his life in jail there.

Judge Thomas Selby Ellis said the crimes were “horrendous, egregious, violent and inhumane”. He told Kotey: “These weren’t prisoners of war, these weren’t soldiers in the field. They were soldiers, but soldiers for good, soldiers for selfless giving. The victims of the hostage-taking by Isis are undeniably heroes.

“You have the prospect, maybe, of going home to the United Kingdom in 15 years, that’s a pretty major plus for you. I hope you earn it, I hope it happens, but you’ll have to serve a life sentence.”

Kotey, an Islamic convert, was one of four men nicknamed The Beatles by their captives due to their British accents. His co-defendant, El Shafee Elsheikh, was also in court to hear the victim impact statements.

He will be sentenced on Aug 12 after being convicted of his role in the murder plot.

The these comment sums up my own view

  • It’s a shame they don’t top him. Then he could start to rot straight away.
  • Attila the Pun: Keep him in the USA. The Americans know how to deal with subhuman scumbags like this.

    NO ! He must not come back to the UK. “The one thing he wants is to be near his family” In that case it must be denied. This evil thing must not be given ANYTHING he wants. NOTHING. Let him rot in a US prison. If his family over here had any decency they would have disowned him by now.


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  1. How does room and board for umpteen years fit the crime? Why not execute the murderers immediately, calculate the present value in dollars*pounds of what would have been all costs [variable + fixed, direct + indirect] of imprisonment and donate that fund to the victims’ surviving immediate family now?
    Immediately thereafter:
    God gets the murderers back for reprocessing, corrective construction //
    Victims’ families are immediately compensated monetarily using present value funds
    Reincarnated murderers unknowingly lead lives in compensatory service to the victims’ families for victims’ value not yet adequately monetarily compensated//

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