Israel Helps Palestinians Contain the Coronavirus — Or Is It Another Zionist Trick? (Part 2)

by Hugh Fitzgerald

After the outbreak of the coronavirus in Bethlehem, the Israelis were quick to offer help to Palestinian doctors who requested it. They knew in advance when and aware the illness would appear in the Palestinian territories; they had, after all, been responsible for that appearance. The Israeli government made sure that the request by the Palestinians for help, and the immediate, seemingly good-Samaritan response by Israel, were well-covered by representatives of the world media stationed in Israel. Israel gave the Palestinians test kits so that they could monitor the spread of the disease. These test kits, however, were faulty: they were a version of the test kits that Israeli doctors had already rejected for use in Israel, as they were unable to detect more than 20% of those who were infected. Innocently trusting in the good faith and competence of the Israelis, as they have so often done, the Palestinians had no way of knowing that those test kits were dangerously unreliable.

Meanwhile, the Israelis continued to trumpet their “aid in helping to contain the spread of the coronavirus among the Palestinians” and many, besides the Palestinians themselves, have been fooled by this supposed display of human sympathy and professional competence by the Zionists. The Palestinians, victims once again, have seen the number of coronavirus cases rise steadily; there are 19 cases so far, and they will undoubtedly rise steeply, given the total unreliability of the test kits furnished by Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke by phone with US Vice President Mike Pence on Sunday to discuss the escalating crisis..

“COGAT and the Ministry of Health will continue working to help the Palestinian authorities curb the spread of the virus in the territories, both as an Israeli interest and for humanitarian reasons,” she added.

Of course in a world where logic ruled, Dalia Basa would be right – the Israelis would want to halt the spread of the coronavirus in the P.A. territories because that spread endangers Israel as well. But the Israeli government, together with the biological warfare unit of the IDF, is not ruled by logic, but by racist hatred of the Palestinians. Israel is so consumed with the desire to harm the Palestinians, that it is willing to endure an increased risk of the coronavirus to its own citizens, as long as it can inflict greater pain on the Palestinians who, without reliable test kits, will be powerless to contain the virus. And Israel has been in no hurry to offer to treat Palestinian cases of the coronavirus in its own hospitals, despite knowing full well that the Palestinian hospitals will soon not have enough facilities either to quarantine or to treat the increase in coronavirus patients.

“We will expand medical training to Palestinian personnel as much as possible,” Basa said, “as well as the transfer of medical equipment to the Palestinian healthcare system.”

Of course the Israelis will do this for the Palestinians – the training, the transfer of medical equipment. It’s all part of the plan. They will make sure there are plenty of photographs made available to the world’s media, showing Israeli doctors training Palestinian medical personnel, both doctors and nurses. There will be photos, too, of the medical equipment, that is being transferred by Israel, with much fanfare, to the Palestinians. The coronavirus outbreak in the Palestinian territories has been the direct result of Israel’s biological warfare; Israel may have fooled much of the world, but its criminal behavior will come as no surprise to Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Linda Sarsour, and Jasbir Puar, all of whom are well aware of the cunning and perfidy of the Zionists.

Now Bethlehem is under lockdown. That city is the primary focus for Christian pilgrims who visit the Palestinian territories. That lockdown will deal a colossal blow to the P.A.’s tourist industry, so vital for its entire economy.

According to Reuters, last Thursday seven coronavirus cases were discovered in Bethlehem. The victims were hotel workers who are believed to have caught the virus from tourists.

Within a week, those seven cases had jumped to 19.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas ordered a 30-day closure of schools and colleges, as well as cancellations of foreign tourist reservations.

The cancellation of foreign tourist reservations means that the entire tourism industry of the Palestinians, and not just that in Bethlehem, will be brought to a complete halt, leading to a severe damage of the Palestinian economy. No doubt this was part of the Zionist plan.

In addition, 30 mosques were closed by religious authorities, major events such as conferences were cancelled, and national parks were shuttered.

The shutting down of conferences – presumably with international attendees – will also hurt the Palestinian economy: hotels and restaurants, taxis and tour guides will take another body blow. The closure of mosques is bound to upset many of the faithful, who find greater spiritual solace in communal prayers, and guidance from the imams’ sermons – the khutbas — during Friday Payers. As for the shutting of national parks in the Palestinian territories, they have been until now an inexpensive outlet for relaxation that is no longer available to Palestinian families. No concerts, no sport events, no visits to national parks, no tourist groups spending money, no events of any kind that will attract groups of more than ten – it’s a dismal prospect for the Palestinians.

The spread of coronavirus to the Palestinians in Bethlehem has been a great success for the Zionists and their biological warfare experts. They have created an opportunity for Israel to present itself in a most favorable light, eager to help the Palestinians in any way it can. Israel’s propaganda machine never stops: photographs of Israeli doctors training Palestinian doctors to deal with the coronavirus, photos of Israeli nurses working side by side with Palestinian nurses on coronavirus patients, medical equipment, test kits, latex gloves, masks, Purell – all being piled onto trucks for delivery to the Palestinian Authority, and more photos taken when those trucks are unloaded, will be taken and made available to the world media. Israel’s image is thus transformed: it’s no longer the implacable Zionist occupier to be denounced, but a sympathetic good samaritan coming to the rescue of the Palestinians.

This story is, of course, preposterous. But I fully expect some Muslims somewhere to come up with such a fantasy, so I thought I’d beat them to the punch. As all educated people know, the Israelis really are good Samaritans, so often helping the Palestinians who would harm them. And not just the Palestinians; the Israelis have in recent years treated sick and wounded Syrians in their hospitals. There was no Israeli tourist guide deliberately infected with the virus in order to spread it, from Greek tourists to Palestinians in Bethlehem. The test kits Israel supplies to the Palestinians are the same ones used by Israeli doctors. The Israeli doctors are doing their utmost to quickly train their Palestinian colleagues in the proper treatment of the coronavirus.

And it would not surprise me – would it surprise you? – if it turns out to be a group of Israeli researchers who come up first with a vaccine for coronavirus. Already there have been reports of a potential vaccine within weeks; that report appeared on February 28. And that vaccine, should it work, after testing for safety, would promptly be made available to the entire world, including all those countries at the U.N., and the Arab League, and the O.I.C., that continue to denounce, year in and year out, the gallant and endlessly vilified State of Israel.

First published in Jihad Watch