New English Review

April 2013

Small Meadows in Spring by Alfred Sisley 

No Cant in Immanuel by Theodore Dalrymple

Infinity, Eternity and the Absolute by Rebecca Bynum

Tragedy and Comedy in Timon of Athens by David P. Gontar

Morality, Hawk-Eyed and Pigeon-Toed

by Theodore Dalrymple

Why American Law for American Courts is Needed

by Jerry Gordon

Orianna Fallaci, Woman of Valor by Norman Berdichevsky

Must We Burn Derrida? by Mark Gullick

Cavaradossi's Bullets by John Broening

How it Ends by Fergus Downie

Virgins and Drupes by G. Murphy Donovan

A Wonder to Behold by Geoffrey Clarfield

The Minor Rage of a Missed Flight by NB Armstrong

Thoughts on Joe Paterno One Year Later

by Richard Kostelanetz

March Madness in the Middle East

by Jerry Gordon and Mike Bates

The Green Banner of Batu Khan by Alexander Maistrovoy

Equality for Muslim Women will be the Death Knell of Islam

by Jake Neuman

Short Story:

Mating by Moshe Dann


Listening To Corvids On A Spring Morning by David Asia

The Leaves of Fall by Robert Tilewick

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