New English Review

January 2010


Richard Rubenstein: Jihad and Genocide

               a review by Bat Ye’or


We Are All Guilty by Theodore Dalrymple

Arts & Sciences by Rebecca Bynum


British Zionism by Ibn Warraq

Is Regime Change Coming to Iran? – an interview with Amil Imani

               by Jerry Gordon

Save Iran – Bomb Iran by Hugh Fitzgerald 

How Many Lone Wolves Does It Take To Make A Pack?

               by Nidra Poller

The  “Systemic Failures  in Intelligence that Could Have Prevented the Flight 253  Attempted Bombing 

               by Jerry Gordon 

The Bible Code by Norman Berdichevsky


Kreisky’s Children by Dexter Van Zile


Saul Alinsky and the Rise of Amorality in American Politics

               by D. L. Adams


Aspiration through Art by David Hamilton


Di-vision – Div-ision – Divi-sion – Divis-ion

               by Jack Dixon

Twelfth Night Blues – And Greens

               by Mary Jackson 

Going to Hell by Ares Demertzis


The Fourth Wise Man by Esmerelda Weatherwax

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                              — Bruce Bawer


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