New English Review

November 2012

View of Dordrecht from the Dordtse Kil by Jan van Goyen 

Ancient and/or Modern by Theodore Dalrymple

Martin Buber and the Holocaust: Some Reconsiderations

by Richard L. Rubenstein

The Unfolding Self by Rebecca Bynum

The Language of Decline by Fergus Downie

No Blinders about Egypt under Muslim Brotherhood

by Jerry Gordon and Raymond Stock

How Western Liberals Helped Create Radical Islamism

by Emmet Scott

Respecting Islam by Joseph S. Spoerl

Resurrecting Ibn Taimiyah’s Fallacious Arguments About Christianity

by Louis Palme

The Failed Democrat Campaign to Smear Romney and Cut the Pie into a Dozen Pieces

by Norman Berdichevsky

David’s Sling: Is It Broken? by Alexander Maistrovoy

First Contact by Geoffrey Clarfield

Growing-Up Dad: Learning To Let Go by Moshe Dann

The Culture in Kitchens by G. Murphy Donovan

Limits of Con: An Islamic Center in Lower Manhattan

by Richard Kostelanetz

– Poetry –

Eight Bells by Len Krisak

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