New English Review

November 2013


The Meeting of Abraham and Melchizedek by Peter Paul Rubens


Serpentine Mind by Theodore Dalrymple


“To Bind Up The Nation’s Wounds” by Conrad Black


The Religion of Experience by Rebecca Bynum


On the Frontiers of Psychiatry: Ophelia and the Jailer’s Daughter

by David P. Gontar


Never Again by Geoffrey Clarfield


The Cranberry Rumble by G. Murphy Donovan


Obamacare Will Follow the Fate of Prohibition

by Norman Berdichevsky


Indomitable Defender of Israel: An Interview with Professor Michael Curtis

by Jerry Gordon


Counter Tourism: Responding to Pro-Palestinian Protest and Solidarity Tours

by Ardie Geldman


The Failed State of Palestine a review by Jerry Gordon

Will There be a Peace Agreement between Israel and the Palestinians?

An Interview with Daniel Mandel by Jerry Gordon

The Abode of Islam is Philosophically Infertile Ground

by Paul Austin Murphy


Slouching Towards Sharia by Richard Butrick


A Reader’s Guide to the New York Musical Comedies of Betty Comden and Adolph Green: On the Town, Wonderful Town, and Bells Are Ringing

by Terry Dunford


“Vertigo” – Yet Again: A Personal Essay by Sam Bluefarb


The Stupidest Generation by Larry Eubank


Telling Bad Jokes in Korea by NB Armstrong


The NYC Rockaways (That Sandy Made Famous)

by Richard Kostelanetz


A Perfect Life by Moshe Dann




Transit by Len Krisak


A Room of One’s Own by Bibhu Padhi


Robust Women by András Mezei

Translated from the Hungarian & Edited by Thomas Ország-Land



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