New English Review

November 2014

A View through Three of the North-Western Arches of the Third Story of the Coliseum
by Christoffer Wilhelm 



Eternal Youth, Eternal Kitsch by Theodore Dalrymple

America’s Elections: Why Should We Even Care?

by Louis René Beres

God after the Death of God by Richard L. Rubenstein

The Evening Papers Do Not Say . . . by David Wemyss

Driven Mad by Theodore Dalrymple

Why, Yet Again, the “Senseless” Violence?

by Louis René Beres

Sex-Slavery and Sharia in the Islamic State

by Joseph S Spoerl

ISIS is Islam! by G. Murphy Donovan

Lone Wolf Jihadis on Both Sides of Our Northern Border

by Jerry Gordon

The Version by Richard Butrick

Fighting Social Media Jihad: An Interview with Joseph Shahda

by Jerry Gordon

Hudnas by Isaac Yetiv

Rejectionism: The Barrier to Real Peace in the Mideast

by Matthew M. Hausman

Unexplored Nepal by Geoffrey Clarfield

Don’t Kiss the Messenger: Wooing by Proxy in Shakespeare

by David P. Gontar

Shakespeare and the Clash of Civilizations: ‘Antony and Cleopatra’ Reconsidered

by Keith Hopkins

The Sincerely Held Religious Belief: Hobby Lobby and the Bible

by Thomas Larson

Hollywood’s Failure to Immortalize Franciszek Gabryszewski

by Norman Berdichevsky

Ted Williams: Throw the Heat; Hold the Tortillas!

by J. A. Marzán

Andy Rooney Meets Ernest Hemingway: A Cautionary Tale

by Sam Bluefarb

Fast Food Pickle by G. Murphy Donovan

Kosti’s Karl Kraus by Richard Kostelanetz


The New Storm Troopers by Eric Rozenmen

Background by Bibhu Padhi

The Survivor translated by Thomas Ország-Land

Into the Dust by Arnapurna Rath

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