New English Review

November 2016


Calm Before the Storm by Nicolai Dubovskoi


Wiesel Words by Theodore Dalrymple


Violent Protests in Indonesia Blow an Ill Will for Religious Tolerance

by Mark Durie


Tony Blair’s Iraq War Confessions by Paul Austin Murphy


What Do French Textbooks Teach About Islam?

by Hugh Fitzgerald


What Shall I Do with These Memories? by Samuel Hux


A Mirabilary Of The Passing Parade: Antidisenfranchisementarians

by Cynicus Americanus


The Reactionary’s Guide to the 21st Century

by Bradford Tuckfield


What Lies Ahead? by David P. Gontar


From the Lions of Africa To The Lions of Judah

by Geoffrey Clarfield


A Tale of Two Kings: the Yellow Star Legend That Refuses to Die

by Norman Berdichevsky


The Pivot to the Arctic by Alexander Murinson


Only Regime Change Can Stop Sudan’s Genocide

an interview by Jerry Gordon


Free Trade Debate: Giving Credit Where It Is Due

by Lorna Salzman


King Leer by David P. Gontar

Book reviews:

Submitted Under Protest a review by Ardie Geldman


Received Rot by James Como


Will the Islamic State be Destroyed or Self-Destruct?

a review and interview by Jerry Gordon


Self-Sabotage in the Name of K. Marx (Who He?)

by Richard Kostelanetz

Short Stories:

Man-Killers by James LePore


A Birthday Gift For Abubakar Shekau by A. Human Being


After Many Years by Bibhu Padhi


Caesarean Roundel by David P. Gontar


Drawing the Line by Dilip Mohapatra


Empty Reels by András Mezei

translated by Thomas Ország-Land



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