New English Review

October 2014

Autumn on the Hudson by Jasper Francis Cropsey



Serial Killers and Serial Explanations

by Theodore Dalrymple

Shakespeare’s Double Play by David P. Gontar


Former Acting CIA Director Denies Iranian Involvement in Benghazi

by Kenneth R. Timmerman

Death in Benghazi, Part 3: the Web of Deception; an Interview with Ken Timmerman

by Jerry Gordon and Mike Bates

Assuming We are Dealing with Men: Taking Nietzsche Out of Context

by Mark Gullick

Are We Making Progress? – A Conservative Estimate

by Graham Cunningham

A Raid on the Articulate: G. Wilson Knight and the Battle of Elsinore

by David P. Gontar

The Meaning of Life by Theodore Dalrymple

Verse Satire by David Hamilton

The War against ISIS, Syrian Opposition and Middle East Christians: A Discussion with M. Zuhdi Jasser, Walid Phares, John Hajjar

by Jerry Gordon

US Foreign Policy and The Evil Dictator by Richard Butrick


Oklahoma Beheading Raises Questions About Prison Conversions and American Muslim Leadership: an Interview with Dr. Michael Welner

by Jerry Gordon

Sister Rose and Sea Wife by G. Murphy Donovan

For the Future of Florida by Geoffrey Clarfield

Piling on Mrs. and Mr. Ray Rice by Richard Kostelanetz

Short Story:

Perchance To Dream by Sam Bluefarb


Viewing a War Map From the Sky by Miklós Radnóti

translated by Thomas Ország-Land

Gaza Strip: The Window by Bibhu Padhi

Musings #4 by Hannah Messinger

Fun Time by Robin Hirsch

“The Evening Comes” by Sangram Jena

translated by Bibhu Padhi

Looking East From Mt. Scopus by Steven Sher

Taming The Shadows by Dilip Mohapatra

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