New English Review

September 2010

It’s All Your Fault
by Theodore Dalrymple


The Good Letters: The Decline of Literary Education and its Consequences

by Mark Anthony Signorelli

Coming to a Mosque Near You: “Pimping for Terrorists”

by Jerry Gordon

 Want Not, Waste Not by Mary Jackson 

Oslo Syndrome Redux? by Dexter Van Zile


American Jews’ Paradoxical Allegiance to the Democratic Party

by Norman Berdichevsky


The Angel of Death by Geoffrey Clarfield


“Sacrificing Survivors” - A New Film about 9/11 and the Ground Zero Mosque

by Jerry Gordon


Holocaust Poetry For Our Time by Thomas Orsz?g-Land

Beep – beep!  by Esmerelda Weatherwax

Penny For Our Thoughts? by Mary Jackson

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