It’s Not The Muslims Who Live In Fear In France — It’s The Jews


Muslims walk anywhere they want all over the world. No matter what Muslim atrocity has just taken place, anywhere in the West, and no matter how often Muslims complain about their worries, and about a non-existent “islamophobia” (non-existent, if we take that word  to mean an “unreasoned” and “baseless” fear and hatred of Islam and its adherents), it is not they who are afraid, on the streets, on the subways, in stores, in schools. It is the Jews of France who are now afraid, and it isn’t just this attack, nor the one by Mohamed Merah (who killed a rabbi and two Jewish children outside a school in Toulouse), nor the kidnapping, and torture-murder, of Ilan Halimi, nor the attack on the Jewish Museum (in Brussels, but with reverberations in France), nor the attack on the Jewish couple in Creteil a few weeks ago, with the 19-year-old woman being raped and both robbed, nor the attack on the  kosher restaurant Goldenberg’s a few years ago), nor all the other attacks, selom reported outside France, or not reported at all, because they do not result in murder but are simply part of everyday life and everyday fears, that are leading French Jews every way to worry, to leave, to think of leaving, to wonder what their future will be.

Forget this disgusting nonsense, this self-pity, from the Muslims, the very same fears for themselves, that is always their reaction, as it was after the 9/11 attacks and every other such attack: but what about us? What about us, the Muslims?  How dare they? Europe, which within living memory murdered, or allowed the Germans and many many others to eagerly take part in the murders, six million Jews, supposedly has learned something. What has it learned about its responsibility to keep Europe safe for Jews? It’s the Jews, or the Muslims in Europe. And then, it’s the Christians or the Muslims, in Europe. And then, it’s all non-Muslims left, or the Muslims, in Europe. Think clearly about this. Choose.