Ivan Rioufol: The People Of France, Taking In Hand Their Own Destiny


Ivan Rioufol’s description of the crowd, and the crowd’s cries, and what, he thinks and allows himself it believe, it all means, here.

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  1. It is a pity that the Islamosavvy in France do not seem to have gone in large groups to those rallies, with *other* kinds of placards to hold up – placards saying things like “Lan Astaslem” (I Will Not Submit) or “Defeat Jihad” or “Got Muslims? Got JIHAD”, or “Asma Bint Marwan, Charlie Hebdo, Killed on Mohammed’s Say-So”. And with leaflets stuffed in their pockets containing those passages from the Islamic texts that you, Hugh, have been publishing here, the ones that describe the Mohammed-approved assassination of the poets; so that they could give those leaflets to others. Or even just placards with the ‘turban-bomb mohammed’. Or copies of Robert Redeker’s essay on Islam, or florilegia of what Voltaire and De Tocqueville and Flaubert and Montaigne and Beaumarchais had to say about Islam, back in the day. Or maybe some of them did, and we just haven’t heard about it. I hope, anyway, that there are private conversations, perhaps at dinner parties or in cafes, going on right now, in which the truth of the situation is being discussed, and plans made.

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