Jeremy Corbyn joins smoke grenade-touting pro-Palestine protestors at Downing Street

The Convoy4Palestine has arrived in town. They got a welcome on the M1, as tweeted by Col Richard Kemp, formerly of the British army, terrorism expert and supporter of Israel. I don’t know who the young woman is but she is on a flyover on the M1 (the main motorway between London and Yorkshire if you are not familiar with England’s roads) at Toddington Services by the Milton Keynes turnoff. Others were on the bridge at Mill HIll.

The Daily Mail is the only newspaper with any report (so far). It mainly consists of recent history of last month’s protest and  agency photographs of today from Reuters and another. Those photographs do say a great deal. 

Jeremy Corbyn has joined smoke grenade-touting pro-Palestine protestors outside Downing Street as thousands call for an end to ‘British complicity in Israel’s war crimes’. The rally, organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), comes a month after another demonstration against the unrest in the Middle East descended into violence . . .


Mr Corbyn – who was vocal about his views on the conflict during his time as leader of the opposition – joined the demonstration in a strong show of support. 

Rumours about another car sortie into the Jewish areas of London, Golders Green again and/or Stamford Hill in Hackney are causing concern; the police say they are ‘gathering intelligence’.

A still from a short video tweeted by a supporter of Israel in the last hour

He writes– The racists are back. 20 cars max. Back driving through Jewish neighborhoods to intimidate and scare. Didnt seen them protest Assad’s murder of pals or China’s Uyghur camps. It’s called antisemetism. “


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  1. The police wouldn’t – too ‘woke’, too PC, too lazy. But I wish a few prominent members of the Jewish community would consider it seriously.

  2. The young woman draped in the Israeli flag standing on the overpass is the lone voice of truth, reason and sanity. As we say in Hebrew, KOL HAKAVOD (She deserves all the honor due to her!).

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