Jewish left cries antisemitism to silence critics but ignores its prevalence on the Left

Strangely, many Jewish liberal progressive leftists have become inured and blinded to the Jew-hatred prevalent on the left. 

by Matthew Hausman

Despite its affinity for extremists who delegitimize Israel using classical stereotypes, the Jewish left often attempts to silence critics by branding them antisemitic. Progressives have no problem excusing the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (“BDS”) movement, validating Hamas, or disparaging Jewish historical integrity, but they often cry “antisemitism” when rebuked for maintaining alliances with anti-Israel zealots. Given their apparently selective sensitivity to bigotry, however, the question is whether they have waived the right to claim victimhood status by consorting with those who promote ancient conspiracy theories or demonize the Jewish State. 

There is no dispute that BDS is antisemitic given its revisionist contempt for Jewish history and stated goal of opposing a Jewish state in any part of “Palestine.” This goal denies Jewish historical rights in favor of a country that never existed and whose proponents lay claim to another people’s ancestral homeland. 

Nonetheless, progressive grant organizations support a variety of groups and NGOs sympathetic to boycotts or hostile to Israel’s existence. Some claim not to endorse BDS while simultaneously providing grants to radical organizations that impugn Israel’s legitimacy or falsely accuse her of human rights abuses. When chided for maintaining relationships with those who malign Israel’s Jewish character, progressives often respond by ironically accusing their detractors of antisemitism. 

Though some critics of the Jewish left are undoubtedly motivated by antisemitic hatred and the belief in global Jewish conspiracy theories, many others are sincerely dumfounded at how leftists can betray their own people’s tradition, legacy, and history. It is ironic when progressives ascribe hateful intent to those who honestly challenge them for legitimizing terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah, slandering Israel, supporting Congressional Democrats who express antisemitic views without fear of party censure, or endorsing UN resolutions (e.g., Security Council Resolution 2334) designed to bolster apocryphal Palestinian claims by denying the Jews’ well-documented history and presence in their homeland…



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