Khalid Masood served as link man for radical mosque


From the Sun and the Sunday Times

Westminster terrorist Khalid Masood was a public contact person for, the main website of the hardline Luton Islamic Centre mosque. Masood’s name, a phone number that The Sunday Times has confirmed as his, and the web address appear on stickers attached to leaflets on display at the mosque.

A reporter for the Sunday Times picked up one of the leaflets from the lobby of the mosque. 

Masood’s mobile number was identified through analysis of the WhatsApp messaging service, which the killer used until minutes before his attack. The disclosure of the link to the mosque casts new light on suggestions that Masood, who killed five people, had no connections to radical groups.

Sermons published on calltoislam ask worshippers to make to “make ready… steeds of war to threaten the enemy of Allah. “We ask Allah that he grant us the ability to pursue the proper means for gaining victory over the Jews and over the rest of the enemies of Islam.”

Elas UK, an English-language school in Luton where Masood taught, was a project of the mosque.  A director was Farasat Latif, the mosque’s secretary, Latif refused to comment on the leaflets or Masood last week, telling a reporter to “piss off.”

Haras Rafiq – head of the Quilliam Foundation, an anti-extremism think thank – claims security officials believe Masood was radicalised when he worshipped there.

The mosque claimed last night the stickers had been placed on the leaflets by The Sunday Times in order to defame it. It also denied Masood had worshipped there.

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