LEICESTER: THE ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVE. Anjem Choudary calls on Hindus to accept Islam and calls on Muslims to form patrols to protect Islam


The prohibitions on Anjem Choudary’s public speaking and agit-prop have gradually been lifted since his release from prison. And if anybody thought that the Muslim/Hindu clashes in the midlands recently were six of one and half a dozen of the other, and all over a silly game of cricket, then know that it is deeper and much more serious. Choudary’s involvement alone is proof otherwise. 

These are his latest articles on his website. 

Hinduism, by its nature is a secular religion, providing no system of life for mankind to live under. Integration with democracy and any man-made laws are part and parcel of its composition and thus it is subject to manipulation and dilution by any government,

A warm call to you to embrace Islam:

Islam came to liberate mankind from the worship and obedience of the creation and many Gods to the exclusive worship and obedience of the one true Creator without intermediaries i.e Allah (SWT). It is a divine belief from which emanates a complete system of life (shari’ah), containing solutions for everything you could possibly imagine from inheritance to marriage to managing the economy.

However, it is not enough for you to simply affirm the existence of God, or His right of worship, rather you must also declare and accept His final messenger Muhammad (saw) and the Deen of Al-Islam which abrogates all other religions that have passed or are to follow:

Oh Hindus! Muhammad bin Qasim (ra) brought Islam to the Indian Subcontinent in the year 715 A.D and indeed many responded to his call…. isn’t it time all the rest responded?

Anjem Choudary

Spread the word of Truth
That is a matter of faith, and we all have a right to our faith. This next is more political.


Whatever the causes, Muslims must bear in mind the following.

Muslims have a divine obligation to defend themselves i.e. their fellow men, women, children and places of worship etc… In the circumstances they should form neighbourhood watch schemes (eg Muslim Patrols) to be able to respond quickly to aid Muslims, to counsel them and to help them.

Allah (SWT) says

“So, if anyone attacks you, retaliate (defend yourself).” [2:194]

Mohammed said
“If a believer is humiliated in front of anyone and he doesn’t help him while being able to do so, Allah will humiliate him on the Day of Judgement in front of all creation”

“Whoever dies defending his property dies shaheed” Bukhari No. 2480

“Who is killed while protecting his property is a martyr, and he who is killed while defending his family, or his blood, or his religion is a martyr.” Abu Daoud No. 4772

Alhamdulillah (praise be to Allah), the Muslim youth in the UK are a growing and strong force who, it is clear, will never remain silent when they see their community under attack.

It is important that the energy now being displayed by the Muslim youth to defend fellow Muslims is channeled so that they understand that Islam is not only about defending other Muslims but is in fact a complete way of life that they must abide by and they must propagate to those around them within society.

In the meantime, considering the divine evidences above, the Muslim youth are advised to continue to peacefully patrol their areas and to try to deescalate the situation verbally at the same time ensuring they defend the innocent and their mosques.

I suppose he intends, ex-lawyer that he is, that the phrases ‘peacefully’ and without “engaging in thuggery or transgressing the bounds of the Shari’ah.” will protect him from also being questioned by West Midlands Police. 

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