Leytonstone stabbing: Police warn more attacks ‘highly likely’ as officers treat Tube horror as ‘terrorist incident’


More news of tonights terrorist incident in my home town.

Police have warned that a terror attack is “highly likely” to hit the UK after revealing they are treating a horrific stabbing in a Tube Station as a terrorist.

Metropolitan Police called on members of the public to remain calm despite shocking video and images being circulated on the internet showing a blood-soaked London Underground station.

One person is in a serious condition in hospital while another two suffered minor injuries following the attack at Leytonstone Underground Station this evening.

A knife-wielding man is said to have began attacking commuters as they left the station at around 7pm tonight.

In a statement revealing officers were treating the attack as terrorism, Commander Richard Walton, who leads the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command, said: “We are treating this as a terrorist incident. I would urge the public to remain calm, but alert and vigilant.The threat from terrorism remains at severe, which means that a terrorist attack is highly likely.

“I would appeal to anyone who was in the vicinity of Leytonstone underground station earlier this evening at around 7pm who saw anything suspicious to call the anti-terror hotline on 0800 789 321.

“Anyone who may have captured video or photographic footage of the incident is also urged to make contact with the Counter Terrorism Command via the Anti Terror hotline”.

 . . . One man has sustained serious knife injuries; these are not believed at this stage to be life-threatening. Two other people have sustained minor injuries.”

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  1. Looks like the Stabbing Jihad is about to kick off in earnest (though of course there have been earlier attacks – the running-over and beheading of Lee Rigby, three other less-publicised beheadings of non-Muslim victims by Muslims in the UK, France and USA, and the beheading of that guy in France not so long ago). As in Israel so also in other parts of the Lands of the Non-Muslims. The best thing that UK citizens could do right now, perhaps, is go to the various Israeli English-language news sites and blogs, find the coverage of the Stabbing Jihad that has been going on since 1st October (with on average one or two attacks a day) and familiarise themselves with the ways in which Israeli citizens and law enforcement have learnt to respond.

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