Liberals accuse Trump of anti-Semitism, but ignore bigotry on the Left

The preoccupation of liberals with Trump’s alleged Jew-hatred should be contrasted with their silence during the Obama years, when violence and hate-crimes against Jews skyrocketed.

by Matthew M. Hausman

After decades of equivocation by his predecessors, President Trump transferred the American embassy to Jerusalem in accordance with the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995. And after Barack Obama’s secretive Iran deal freed up billions of dollars for terrorism and facilitated the mullahs’ nuclear ambitions, Trump decertified it and condemned Iran’s policies of global terror and regional destabilization. This president has made a priority of fighting anti-Semitism in the United Nations and repairing an alliance torn apart by the most anti-Israel administration ever to occupy the White House. For the first time in years, the US has a leader who supports Israel as an ally and condemns Jew-hatred on the international stage.

Incredibly, however, the liberal establishment calls Trump anti-Semitic and blames him for an anti-Jewish wave that began during Mr. Obama’s tenure, and which comes from progressives and stealth Islamists and some of the politically-marginalized radical right.

President Trump clearly does not conduct himself like previous presidents. He can often sound combative and confrontational, and his gaffes and use of social media are considered hyperbolic and off-putting by many. However, personal style should not be confused with administration policy, especially when that policy has been good for Israel, her geopolitical standing in the Mideast, and issues that should matter to Jews.  

Those liberal establishment figures who speak in quavering tones about Trump’s supposed anti-Semitism cannot identify any incidents to support their claim. The only “proof” they offer is his supposed affinity for right-wing extremists, whom he has explicitly rejected, and the conflation of his base with anti-Semitic hatemongers. However, his administration’s actions regarding Israel – including Ambassador Nikki Haley’s tough talk at the UN – tell a far different story from the narrative being peddled by his detractors.

The preoccupation of liberals with Trump’s alleged Jew-hatred seems disingenuous when contrasted against their silence during the Obama years, when violence and hate-crimes against Jews skyrocketed and anti-Semitic rhetoric flowed from the progressive and radical constituencies to whom Mr. Obama pandered. One could argue that Jewish progressives abdicated their moral authority when they ignored or excused Obama’s longstanding relationship with Jeremiah Wright, his associations with anti-Israel ideologues, his disrespectful treatment of Israel, and his administration’s complicity (by act or omission) in some of the most anti-Israel UN resolutions since the 1975 vote equating Zionism with racism…