London: Brexit Betrayal Rally

To Westminster. Friday 29th March 2019. It should have been Brexit Day. Even last week we still hoped that in the absence of a deal, we would leave on the designated day under WTO terms. But no. So what was concieved as a party, turned into a rally of anger and constructive resolve. I got there late as I had an unbreakable earlier committment. So I didn’t see the final leg of the March to Leave which started in Sunderland walk into Parliament Square at 3pm. Whitehall and Parliament Square were full of a well behaved crowd. UKIP had a platform in Parliament Street towards Whitehall and the other groups, Leave EU, The Brexit Party and other groups had a platform opposite St Margaret’s church. So we had a choice if we wanted to circulate. 

These are a selection of photographs. 

The English yellow vest movement isn’t as widespread as in France; they are concentrating on justice for the three boys killed by a hit and run driver and his passenger. 

Gerard Batten, leader of UKIP was making his first speech as I arrived. 

I will never forget the day in June 2016 when the Fishing for Leave fleet came up the Thames to Parliament. I believe that the foul language of Bob Geldorf, abusing brave fishermen who work hard to put fish on our plates confirmed the vote to leave for many people. 

Apres Brexit – Frexit. There were a lot of French people with tricoleur flags, and the Cross of Lorraine, also a blue and white Fleur de Lys flag. 

This man was either tired or despondent.  When I went past a few weeks ago the memorial on the spot where PC Palmer was murdered by a jihadist who attacked on Westminster bridge was surrounded by flowers. I expect they were moved inside the gates temporarily. 

Alan Craig, whose work in Newham opposing the implimentation of the West Ham ‘Mega mosque’ I much admired introduced each speaker on the UKIP platform. 

He was sweet; he had a cold wet nose and licked my hand…

Even Darth Vader understood the seriousness of the occasion

The Parliament Square platform sang the hymn I Vow to Thee my Country. 
The man in the tin helmet was French and carried a large tricoleur. I couldn’t get close enough to the stage to hear much there, so I decided to concentrate on the UKIP platform, especially as I had a particular interest in several of the speakers. I know that while I was in Parliament square Lord Pearson spoke on the UKIP platform. 

Veterans against Terrorism spoke, their leader Richard Ingram and another. Their first concern (which I share, for reasons I won’t bore you with) was the persecution and now prosecution of veterans of the Parachute Regiment for actions during Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland over 45 years ago. British soldiers who were doing their duty, while members of the IRA have amnesty. They were also concerned at plans for the Eu Army, which are not necessarily going to end once we get Brexit. The agreement is a separate one. A British soldier swears alligance to the Queen and her heirs and successors. Who would an EU soldier swear alligance to? George Soros?

Paul Oakley, UKIP General Secretary (whose book is available for pre-order here) spoke. 
He spoke of the decline of the British Fishing industry, the British steel industry, the numerous redundancies as British factories have been closed and moved elsewhere in Europe with EU subsidies. 
EU interference in everyday life, including proposed speed limiters on our cars, which will also track our every movement, and moves to limit the internet and copyright. 

He also spoke about the EU army. Why does the EU need an army? Do they have ideas of Imperialist expansion? Into Ukraine perhaps, and a war with Russia? Or use in civil disturbance, on the streets of Barcelona, the boulevards of Paris. Maybe eventually here, the streets of London. 

While those ordinary citizens who voted Remain may be members of our family and friends we can never forgive the likes of Blair, Starmer, Soubry. 

Sweets….chocolate… now, all free. Like the childcatcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but without any of the charm. They have told the citizens of the EU that they cannot leave the Eu by democratic means. We can and must stop them. 

I had missed Tommy’s first speech but he came and spoke again. 

He expressed his affection for the crowd. Our people, the working class who have been overlooked and forgotten. He asked to be allowed to join UK and the reaction from the crowd present was favourable. 

Gerard Batten spoke again. He said that he had given a television interview while other speakers were on stage. The interviewer first mentioned the ‘far-right Tommy Robinson’. Batten said that his first remarks were that Tommy is not far-right. If he were he would have nothing to do with him. He joked that Tommy is no saint, and would he please keep out of trouble in future, but he has a lot to bring. 

The rally ended with land of Hope and Glory. It was a good turn out, all sorts of people from all ages and walks of life, other than very few children, this being a school day. 

Hopefully Teresa May could hear (and see) the crowd, safely behind her security at 10 Downing Street, even if she does spend the rest of the weekend at the PM’s country retreat Chequers. 

As I made my way to the station others were taking the message into Westminster, around and about. 


Photographs E Weatherwax London March 2019