London Bridge Jihad – "A F*ing Muslim Terrorist".

 A bit of plain speaking from an Aussie tradie who crossed the path of one of the allahu-akbaring rammers and stabbers in London the other day and, though stricken on the neck exactly as per Koranic instructions (Surah 47:4 – “smite at their necks”), luckily avoided being hit in a vital spot.

As reported by one Dijana Damjanovic for the the ABC this morning… one wonders what it cost them to relay the ipsissima verba.  Plainer speaking from this Aussie bloke in London, than we’ll hear from just about any of the politicians and pundits across the length and breadth of the western world who have been busily pontificating in the wake of this latest bloody ghazi raid in the heart of London.  A

“London Attacks: Darwin Man Andrew Morrison Stabbed in the Neck”.

“A Darwin man has told of how he survived the London terror attack moments after he was stabbed in the neck outside a central London bar.

Correction: “..moments after a Muslim waging jihad stabbed him in the neck outside a central London bar.” – CM

‘Electrician Andrew Morrison talked about his ordeal when he was being treated by paramedics in a video posted on Reddit.

‘He works for contracting company Kentz, which primarily supplies workers for the Inpex gas project in Darwin.

‘Mr Morrison said he had just finished watching the Champions League final at a bar in the London Bridge area.

‘When he left, he walked towards what appeared to be a “fight” and a man stabbed him.

‘Mr Morrison said he tried to avoid being stabbed by pushing the attacker off him, and “blood was going everywhere”.

‘In the video, he said: ‘He looked like, I know the thing with Muslims and terrorism, but he looked like a f***ing Muslm terrorist”.

Possibly the interposed clause – “I know the thing with Muslims and terrorism” – was meant as a ritual disclaimer, an inarticulate nod to the whole NothingtodowithIslam meme, an “I know we’re not supposed to connect Muslims with terrorism, with screams and people run over by Musilms driving cars and people getting stabbed to death by Muslims with knives or blown to bits by Muslims with guns or bombs”; but….nevertheless… the truth will out.  “BUT he looked like… he looked like a f***ing Muslim terrorist”.

And he looked like a f***ing Muslim terrorist, this dead-eyed mohammedan (bearded? shouting – did Mr Morrison hear that cry, “this is for allah”? of ‘Mediterranean’ appearance, because so many Mohammedans do come from that part of the world), would-be-murderously stabbing a stranger because that stranger was presumed to be an infidel; this stabber who tried to slit Mr Morrison’s throat looked like a Muslim terrorist, because he was a Muslim terrorist.

Not just any ‘terrorist’, not an ‘extremist’ or a ‘militant’, those terms so often used in our media, always vague, always unspecified; not some random nutter; not an “Islamist’, no, our Mr Morrison’s blunt Territorian tongue gives us the plain unvarnished truth: “a MUSLIM terrorist”.  And, frankly, the other word that Mr Morrison did choose to add in order to express his fury and his derision, was no doubt on the tongues of many informed Infidels when the news broke of yet another Mohammedan murder spree amongst unarmed Infidels on Infidel soil in one of the great cities of the Infidel world.

A Muslim seeking to achieve Islamic dominance by terrorising the despised Infidels in one of their capital cities, as yet not completely subdued, not quite yet officially Londonistan, though perilously close to it.  A Muslim imitating the Sunnah of Mohammed, who in the Bukhari Hadiths is on record as having declared, “I have been made victorious by terror”.  A Muslim striking at the necks of the Infidels, exactly as instructed so to do, by the 47th Surah of the Quran, in the fourth verse – “Strike at their necks”.  A f***ing Muslim terrorist.  Just like the Muslim terrorists who murdered Coptic Christians – men, women and little children – in Egypt just the other day.  Just like the Muslim human bomb who blew himself up in the middle of a densely packed crowd of concert-goers and killed little girls and young men and women and their parents and grandparents in Manchester.  A Muslim, Muslim, MUSLIM terrorist. – CM

‘His father, David Morrison, told the ABC that he was thankful his son was only injured in the incident.

“Incident”??? Did Mr Morrison Snr use that word, or is that the ABC, editorialising.  “Incident”.  NO.  This was an attack, an attack on Infidels by Muslims, an act of war waged by the Ummah or Mohammedan Mob, in the heart of what all pious Muslims are taught to view as the Dar Al Harb, the ‘region of war’. – CM

‘He said his son would be flying back to Darwin from London soon.  “It could have been worse, a lot worse”, he said…”

Yes. His son could have been dead, ritually murdered as a human sacrifice to allah the arab ‘god’ of blood and war.

There’s a little more of Mr Morrison, Jnr, in another account of the attack.

“London attacks: Australians Describe the Moment They Were Stabbed by Terrorists.”

The moment they were stabbed by Muslims. – CM

“Four Australians were among the dozens caught up in Saturday night’s terror attack, and at least two of them were stabbed in the neck.

The ABC, however, sees fit to refrain from directing our attention to Quran 47.4.  Nor does any other news outfit even hint at the existence of that verse, or of other verses, similarly bloody in intent. – CM

‘Darwin man Andrew Morrison needed stitches after being stabbed in the side of his neck, while Brisbane woman Candice Hedge remains in hospital recovering from a wound to the throat….

Both blows were obviously meant to kill.  That they failed of their intent is a lucky chance, for Mr Morrison and Ms Hedge. – CM

‘Someone help me, I’ve just been stabbed’.’

‘A video has emerged of Mr Morrison speaking shortly after the attack, where he says he tried to dodge an attacker’s knife before being struck in the side of the neck.

“I walked outside, walked across the road, and a fight breaks out. I said, “Shit, what’s going on here?” Mr Morrison said. “I start to walk towards it, all of a sudden a guy comes up with a knife, and I .. duck it, and he stabs me there.

“I just push him off, blood’s going everywhere. I  walk into a pub, and I’m like, ‘Someone help me, I’ve just been stabbed.”

When quizzed as to what the attacker was wearing, Mr Morrison said he looked like ” a Muslim terrorist”.

“I hate it, because… I know the thing with Muslims and terrorism; he looked like a f***ing Muslim terrorist.  And I was like, “What are you doing, mate?”…

To which the answer is: jihad fi sabil allah.  I think it appropriate at this point, since this latest Muslim assault on London, and the one before it, at Westminster, both involved stabbings, to link an article by a woman named Kay Wilson, who miraculously survived being stabbed by Muslim ghazi raiders – murderers-for-allah – in a forest in Israel where she had been walking with a friend.  Her friend did not survive.

“What is It Like to Be Stabbed 13 Times?”

One reads Kay’s account, and then one returns to the second of the two ABC reports I have linked above, and reads what the Muslims did to Ms Hedge.  “Ms Hedge, 34, has undergone surgery after one of the attackers slashed her throat. The wound missed her main arteries and windpipe, and she is said to be recovering well in hospital.

‘She was able to speak to her family back home in Queensland, who said the terrorists spotted Ms Hedge hiding, and came back to stab her…

“She was hiding, apparently, and someone was leaving and saw her hiding, and came back and stabbed her – bloody awful.” ..“.

Yes, it is bloody awful.  Muslims murderously attacking two girls (a Jew and a Christian, friends) walking in a forest in Israel, or stabbing and slashing at people on London Bridge or Westminster bridge or Brough Markets, or blowing up Jewish kids in a pizzeria or British girls after a concert… or kidnapping and raping Christian Nigerian girls snatched from a boarding school, or taking hostage and raping and tormenting and murdering non-Muslim children and their parents in a school in Beslan, Russian Federation.   Jihad bloody jihad, exactly as Muslims – Muslims, Muslims, MUSLIMS, obeying to the letter the bloody example and bloody diktats of their mass-murdering warlord ‘prophet’ –  have been doing for the past 1400 years, whenever they got the chance. – CM