London Theatre cancels An Audience with Douglas Murray fundraiser for Israeli student soldiers due to ‘possibility’ of threats.

I was in central London this afternoon. Only a few minutes walk away in the theatre district, a few hours later, Douglas Murray was anticipating appearing at the Apollo Theatre for an event An Audience with Douglas Murray to raise funds for the studies of Israeli reservists  whose courses had been interupted.

By the time I got home the theatre had pulled out of the event. Staff had refused to turn up for work either scared that there might, just might, be a threat against the theatre. Or possibly not agreeing with the cause.

My event in central London tonight has been moved after the theatre that was meant to be hosting it cowered to a campaign of intimidation. We have arrived at the point where theatres in London no longer feel safe to support free speech – or at least not when the subject is about Jews or Israel. When even the threat of a threat is enough to cause such fear amongst staff members that they refuse to show up to work, we all have a very big problem. Meantime the event will still be going ahead. I have no intention of buckling to extremists, even if the theatre in question has.

The intimidation was organised by among others a Muslim activist named Majid Freeman who was active in Leicester at the time of the attacks on Hindus there. Freeman also wrote on Facebook supporting ISIS only weeks after attending the funeral of murdered aid worker Alan Henning, a man who was supposed to be his friend.

An emergency protest was to form at Piccadilly Circus at 6pm.  And he was very pleased with this notice from the theatre management company.

Another venue was found at what must have been very short notice. I don’t know where; on a need to know basis I don’t need to know. I didn’t have a ticket and was giving priority to writing about this afternoon’s very moving rally.

I wouldn’t have got in had I tried. Douglas Murray tweeted a few minutes ago that the evening went very well and was full to capacity. Good!