Lyon stabbing leaves teenager dead and 9 injured after ‘Afghan migrant’ launches frenzied attack – as second knifeman still on loose

From the Sun and the Independent 

A TEENAGER is dead and another nine people are injured after two knifemen went on a bloodthirsty rampage today near Lyon, it has been reported.

An Afghan immigrant has been arrested after the horrific attack at 4.30pm local time at a train station car park in Villeurbanne, eastern France, local media reports.

Investigators are reportedly hunting a suspected second attacker believed to be in possession of a metal spike used to roast meat.

Pictures from the scene at the Laurent Bonnevay metro station show one man, who appears to be holding a weapon, being detained while stunned onlookers watch on.

A law enforcement source said the men targeted a 19-year-old man who died at the scene. They said: “Two men were involved in the attack at around 4.30pm. One carried a kitchen knife and the other a kitchen spit. They targeted a 19-year-old man, who died at the scene, while nine others were also hurt, three very seriously.”

The source said one victim was in intensive care in a nearby hospital while adding that the man who has been arrested is a 33-year-old born in Afghanistan. He is also said to have given “at least three reasons” why he carried out the deadly attack – but has not mentioned any terrorist organisation.

Video footage from the scene appears to show pedestrians attempting to talk to the man, who threw his weapons to the ground before being apprehended. . . The second assailant, who fled the scene, is believed to be in possession of a rotisserie spike.

Officers are currently unsure of the motive behind the incident, however the scope of the charges currently being considered are murder and attempted murder, according to the ministry of the interior. The teenage victim was a local man who was trying to catch a bus to the Woodstower Musical Festival, near Lyon.

A statement on the Police Nationale 69’s twitter account urged residents not to disturb rescue operations, and to limit the spread of false information following the “stabbing attack”.