Maher Mughrabi of the Melbourne "Age" Claims Rescuing Syrian Christians from Muslim Tormentors = "Turning Your Back on Syria’s Muslims"

And the headline of his whining op ed – he happens to be foreign news editor of the Melbourne “Age” – reads to me like a thinly-veiled threat.

“If You Turn Your Back on Syria’s Muslims, Forget About ‘Team Australia'”.

Muslims never wanted to be part of an Infidel ‘team Australia’ in the first place, mate, and you know that, I’ll bet. Dar al Harb. Dar al Islam.  Surah 48.29.  Al wala – wal-al-bara.  – CM

“I know that many people will already have moved on to some other social media sensation, but I would ask you to cast your mind back a couple of days to the boy on the beach.

‘How terrible, you thought, when you saw Aylan Kurdi’s lifeless little body, or maybe just his shoes as he “rested” in the arms of a Turkish policeman.

I wonder whether Mr Mughrabi would be interested in painting an emotive word-picture of an underaged Yazidi or Christian slave-girl being raped to death by a succession of pious and orthodox Sunni Muslim jihadis who firmly believe that the act of raping and humiliating her brings them closer to ‘allah’?  Who perform their Muslim ‘prayers’ before each violent rape? – CM

‘Now look again. Because the little boy on the beach – like the vast majority of those fleeing Syria and Iraq’s wars – was a Muslim.

Absolute numbers are one thing. Proportions are another. The absolute number of Sunni or Shiite Muslims displaced, is one thing.  Sure, there are more of them among the refugees…because they represent the largest segment of the total population.  But one must also look at what percentage of this or that group is affected, and how the group as a whole is getting on and is likely to fare in future.  Neither Sunnis, as a group, nor Shiites, as a group, face extinction in either Syria or Iraq. Not even close. Whereas the absolute number of Yazidis and Christians, in that region, as well as the percentage they represent of the total population there, has plummetted catastrophically, to the point where, in another five to ten years, there will be none left at all, or a vanishingly tiny remnant of what were, even before the war, a small minority precariously surviving in a Muslim sea.  And that is why what Mr Mughrabi is insinuating between the lines – that because ‘most’ of those displaced are Muslim, the liion’s share of all refugee places offered by western countries should go to Muslims – is in effect an argument for discriminating against the most persecuted groups of all, in favour of …those whose coreligionists are doing the persecuting. – CM

‘You and i have no idea what kind of Muslim he would have turned out to be.  Maybe he would have prayed five times a day and kept his political views to himself.  Maybe he would have said, “in the name of Allah the compassionate and the merciful” before tucking into a bacon sandwich, and never darkened the door of a mosque.

‘Or maybe he would have beaten his wife or gone into organised crime or blamed the West for his people’s misfortune and blown up a bus.

Given the observable behaviour of a great many Muslims in the West and elsewhere, all the options mentioned in that final sentence are highly probable. Which is why I would prefer not to take the risk of admitting any more Muslims. One jihad-minded Muslim blowing up a bus or a train is one too many. And it’s been a lot more than one that have carried out murderous attacks throughout the lands of the Infidels in the past 20 years, and many more than that have tried but have either failed in the attempt, or been fortunately foiled…like that Moroccan Muslim on the train to Paris, just recently.  By the way, I note that there is a further option for our Muslim kid that you, Mr Mughrabi, omit to mention altogether.  I’ll articulate it here: “Or maybe he would have abandoned Islam altogether, and converted to Christianity, or to Buddhism, or become an atheist.”   Did you imagine it but not dare to write it, or were you unable to imagine it in the first place?  – CM

“it doesn’t matter”. 

Really? It doesn’t matter that some of those cute lil Muslim kids that you want us to let into the West will get involved in organised crime, or beat their wives, or blow up buses or trains, or machine-gun journalists, or try to stab policemen to death? It matters to me.   By the way, I  say “will” not “might”, because lots of them have done so already and therefore it’s a safe bet that others will do so in future.  – CM

‘What matters, it seems, is that we can now decide that Muslims are trouble (which they are; and I  knew that back in the 1990s when I read the Quran for the first time and then observed the “fit” between the contents of the Quran and the behaviour of the super-pious Taliban in Afghanistan – CM) and that if we walk into a burning house we’ll save the others first.  What do we know about the others? We know they’re not Muslims.

No, what we know is that the ‘fire’ is in fact arson, and that the ‘others’ were not the ones who started the fire…the ‘fire’ being the jihad undertaken by some Sunni Muslims who resented being ruled by Alawite heretics.  What I also know for sure is that the non-Muslims in this mess are the only ones of whom we can be absolutely certain that they will not, now or in the future, for ideological reasons, violently turn upon their rescuers and hosts. – CM

‘In mid-August when little Slovakia said it would take some refugees – 200 in all – but they had to be Christians because Slovakia “doesn’t have mosques” we all knew what was going on: the rise of the far-right in Europe’s post-Communist east, part of a wider wave of anti-immigrant feeling across the continent.

Pffft. Slovakia is not against all immigrants, or against those ethnically middle-eastern, as evidenced by their willingness to accept Syrian Christian refugees. They are against admitting Muslims into their midst. And after seeing what Mulsims have been doing in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Spain (the Madrid train bombings), and a whole swathe of other countries world-wide, no-one should blame them.  This is not ‘far-right’, to rationally fear the introduction of a Muslim fifth column. It is plain old commonsense and the instinct of self-preservation.  Want to know something, Mr Mughrabi? I approve of what Slovakia has done and I would be delighted if all European and other Western countries did likewise.  Between us, we could rescue every single one of the Syrian Christians and Yazidis from Iraq and Syria, distributing them amongst our countries, and we could be quite, quite sure that none of them would in future set our houses on fire with the Jihad.  You know what, Mr Mughrabi? – I think you’re just angry that Slovakia is daring to try to resist the Jihad, refusing to allow the Ummah to establish a colony in their midst. – CM

‘The last time I checked, Australia had a few mosques.  Indeed, there is one of them at the end of the street where I live.  And that means there are Muslims here. Indeed, some of them would be generous enough to say that I am one of them.

So what are you?  As far as I can see, you are very energetically defending and promoting Islam and carrying water for the Jihad. Do you pray in that mosque on the street where you live? – CM

‘I have always said that I am not a Muslim, but that Islam is a part of me”.

And what is that supposed to mean?  I doubt you proudly proclaim yourself an out-and-out apostate. – CM

‘The question is now whether this country can truly say – for all the mosque visits by pollies, for all the Iftar dinners at Ramadan, for all the talk of “Team Australia” – that Islam is a part of it.

The pollies are fools, and the mosque visits should stop.  The Iftar dinners should stop.  It’s time that the foolish Infidels woke up to what I suspect you, Mr Mughrabi, already know full well : Islam has no intention of being or becoming just ‘a part’ of any Infidel country, in the first place.  Because the Ummah is ideologically-programmed to desire and to push and push and push for total dominance wherever it gains a foothold; to never be content with being a minority, or a part, but rather to devour all, erasing or subjugating all other belief systems and systems of law and government.  Hassan al-Banna – “Islam is to dominate, and not be dominated”. – CM

‘After watching the ‘Reclaim’ rallies recently, after hearing some of what passes for commentary and debate, the question seems almost foolish, naive.  Of course we don’t want them!  Muslims are just trouble.

Mr Mughrabi, of course, intends this to be read with sneer quotes; he is trying to represent the statement- “Muslims are just trouble” as an expression of ignorant prejudice.  He doesn’t want his readers to think about the sheer volume and intensity of Muslim aggression against non-Muslims that is moderately obvious to anyone who bothers to do a little quiet investigation…nor the “match” between texts and behaviour that becomes apparent to anyone who takes the further step of reading the Islamic canonical texts and reflecting on the Sunnah of Mohammed.- CM

‘Let them go somewhere where they can get their sharia (which requires the death of apostates and the death of blasphemers and forbids a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim and permits the wedding and bedding of prepubescent girsl and the beating of wives and the subjugation of non-Muslims as Dhimmis – CM) and their halal and their fatwas (like the fatwa pronounced against Salman Rushdie, eh? oh, why would the silly infidels be offended by something like that? Mr Mughrabi just can’t understand such ignorant prejudice! – CM), and their burqas (which are hideous, a barrier to normal social interaction, and a health and security risk, and an act of passive-aggression and an implicit labelling of all less-covered females in the vicintiy as immodest whores – CM) and all the rest (‘all the rest” – like the Jew-hatred? the rabid conspiracy theories? the incitement of Jihad in the mosques? the placards at demonstrations – “Behead Those Who Insult the Prophet!”? the riots? – CM), and leave us alone.

Great idea!  If only the Muslims would indeed pack up and leave.  For, as the redoubtable “Hugh Fitzgerald” of this very website, has put it on more than one occasion –  “The large-scale presence of Muslims in the countries of Western Europe (and in many others) has led to a situation, for the indigenous non-Muslims and for other, immgirant non-Muslims, that is far more unpleasant, expensive and physically dangerous than would have been the case without that large-scale Muslims presence.”  –  CM

‘Perhaps this country has decided (sic: not ‘decided’, rather, ‘just begun to painfully recognise the fact” – CM) that Muslims are too big a cultural problem.

Not a ‘cultural problem’. Rather, a mortal threat. And now, insufferably, this creature trots out the “Muslims are the New Jews” trope…which disgusts, given the number of violent – and in numerous cases, murderous – attacks upon Jews that, in Western Europe, have been carried out by Muslims.  Would Mr Mughrabi like me to remind him about who murdered Ilan HalimI, and how?  Who murdered Sebastien Selam? Who murdered Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, his two little boys, and little Miriam Monsonego, 8 years old?  Only this last month, a pair of Moroccan Muslim men brutally bashed two elderly Shoah survivors after gaining entry to their apartment in the Netherlands. – CM

In the same way that in 1938, when Thomas Walter White, the minister for customs in the Lyons government, attended the conference at the French resort town of Evian, on the plight of Jewish refugees, he told those gathered there that Australians would rather not import a “racial problem”.

False analogy, Mr Mughrabi, if you are trying to pretend that the Syrian Muslims of today, or any other kind of Muslim seeking to gain entry to the West, are the same kind of thing as were the Jews of Germany.  False as hell.  The correct comparison is between the Jews who were trying to flee from the Nazis, and the Syrian Christians and other non-Muslim minorities who are attempting to flee from…Muslims, the pious and wholly-orthodox Sunni Muslim jihadis of Al-Nusra and of Islamic State, Muslims who are busy doing exactly as Mohammed did.  And shall we discuss why so many Jews, today, are fleeing from France, and other European countries?  They are fleeing the constant – and frequently violent, even murderous – attacks that the Muslims resident in Europe are inflicting upon them.  And then there was that recent survey that disclosed that virulent antisemitism was much more common among the Muslims in Europe, than among the non-Muslims.

It was shameful that the West largely rejected the Jews who were fleeing or attempting to flee from the discrimination, abuse, rape, robbery and murder threatened or inflicted upon them by the Nazis.  It will be equally shameful if the West does nothing substantial to rescue the non-Muslim minorities who are being abused, discriminated against, enslaved, robbed, raped and driven out of much of the Middle East, by …Muslims.  Muslims who are targeting these minorities precisely because they are non-Muslim…Christian, Yazidi, Mandaean.  If we want to rescue them we have to give them priority.  You, Mr Mughrabi, plainly do not want us to take any special measure to rescue them.  Which means that it is you who are calling for us to acquiesce in their extermination.   The correct lesson for us to draw from the moral failure of Evian is that this time around, in this particular case where an ethnoreligiously-defined people-group are being threatened with genocide, we have a chance to get it right…by taking affirmative action, quickly, on behalf of the Syrian Christians and other persecuted non-Muslm minorities.

‘I am not the only Arab of Muslim parentage who regards what has happened to the Christian populations of the Arab world in recent decades as a shame and a disgrace and a crime, one that shows little sign of ending.

Pffft. I doubt you meant a single word of that, because if the Australian government heeded what your op ed as a whole is saying, they would  refuse to take any special action on behalf of the non-Muslim Syrian and Iraqi refugees, which would in turn facilitate their extermination at Muslim hands. – CM

‘It is true that Arab Christians (sic: “Arab”? – In Iraq and Syria most of the Christians are ethnically Assyrian, not Arab, some even speaking Syriac-Aramaic rather than Arabic; and in Syria, some are Armenian – CM) are confronted with an existential threat.

Yes. They are going to be wiped out, if nobody does anything specific – and quickly – to help them. They will be gone. Or reduced to a tiny remnant of Dhimmi untermenschen. – CM

“But it is also true that the bulk of those being butchered by the Assad regime and by the so-called Islamic State are Muslim Arabs and Muslim Kurds.

There is absolutely no chance of Muslim Arabs – Sunni or Shiite – being all killed off in Syria or Iraq.  The Sunnis are being bankrolled by the Saudis and Qatar; the Shiites, by Iran, with ferocious and heavily-armed Hezbollah fighting in their corner.   As for the Kurds – mostly Sunni Muslims – they are armed to the teeth and putting up a pretty good fight. I don’t think they’re going to be exterminated anytime soon…it’s a very different story for the Christians and the Yazidis, who are far, far less numerous and have no weapons to speak of, and control no defensible territory.   So I see no reason to prioritise Muslims – whether Arab or Kurd, Sunni or Shiite – over against Christians and Yazidis.  The Muslim groups are in no danger of disappearing.  The non-Muslim groups – unless they receive special, extraordinary help, soon – are in danger of disappearing.  And given that Australia cannot take everybody in, it makes sense to prioritise the most vulnerable – the non-Muslims – and give them all the available places. –  CM

‘Australian Muslims were alive to the plight of these people (that is: their fellow Syrian Muslims; I very much doubt they cared a pin for the suffering of the any of the non-Muslims in either Syria or Iraq – CM) long before the death of little Aylan.  On YouTube and on Arabic-language satellite channels they saw far worse horrors involving men, women and children.  And they became convinced that what was happening in Syria was a genocide.

Sunni Arab Muslims in Syria are…Sunni Arab Muslims.  And it was they who set out to overthrow the Alawites and achieve dominance.  That the Alawites responded brutally is true.  I observe, however, that Mr Mughrabi is rather vague about whether Sunni Arab Muslims carried out atrocities against Alawites – which they have been doing, in the present war, whenever they got a chance, and which they have done in previous eras and will undoubtedly do wholesale this time around if the Alawites fall – and about what has been gleefully done by many Sunni Arab Muslims, on previous occasions (as under Saddam Hussein, in Iraq, for example) to non-Arab Muslims such as Kurds and Turkmen.  Genocide is the destruction of an entire ethnic group.  Arab Muslims are in no danger of being wiped out as a group; there are hundreds of millions of people identifying as Sunni Arab Muslims.  Even their losses in Syria though large do not come close to a local extinction. – CM

‘But when they turned over to mainstream Australian TV and to political debate in this country they saw no urgency in the discussion.

Why should the Infidels have been expected to assist the Sunni Muslims in their grand project involving the overthrow of the Alawite regime, the driving out, extermination or subjugation of Alawites, and – most probably – the forcing of the Christians into a position lower and more insecure than than permitted to them under Alawite rule? – CM

‘The Prime Minister was happy to label Bashar al-Assad “the worst of the worst” (which was wrong; we have since learned that pious Mohammed-emulating Sunni Muslims are even more hideously inventive when it comes to finding cruel ways to kill people – CM), but as for doing something…well, it was all too hard.

And considering that every time we Infidels do involve ourselves in Muslim affairs we seem to get lots of Muslims screaming at us and cursing us for it and blaming us both for the original quarrel and for anything bad that happens afterward (even for things that the Muslims do to each other off their own bat), it’s a bit rich for Mr Mughrabi to now blame us for not getting involved...CM

‘Now we are told that Canberrra is considering bombing the areas held by Islamic State – areas where the population is largely Muslim – and rescuing Christians and Yazidis and Druze – but not Muslims.  

Ah. I see.  Mr Mughrabi wanted the Alawite Assad regime defeated and replaced by Sunni Muslim rulers (and he wanted the Infidels to do it for him); but he wants Islamic State to be left undisturbed. Hmmm. –    CM

‘If this is so, then there is no point in talking about relations with the Australian Muslim community.

All of it? The Shiites, and the (Sunni Muslim) Kurds currently fighting for their lives against the Arab supremacists of the Islamic State, might have somewhat differing opinions from the Sunni Arab Muslims with whom Mr Mughrabi proudly identifies himself.  – CM

‘Perhaps that will win the Coalition some votes in some important seats. I don’t know.

‘But I do know that the Arab communities of this country are already bitterly divided by this conflict and the government’s response to it.

‘Arab communities’.  The Assyrian Christians are not Arab; they are Assyrian; and they are Christian; and they are all in favour of the Australian government doing the decent thing and rescuing some of their terribly-persecuted brethren.   The Kurds are not ‘Arab’ in any case, though they are Muslim.  The divide between Muslim and non-Muslim –  is an uncrossable gulf; it is, for Islam, the thing that structures the world . And the divide between Arab and non-Arab, even among Muslims, is also deep and wide; for Islam is all about Arab supremacy, it is a vehicle of Arab imperialism; no non-Arab Muslim can ever really be the equal of an Arab Muslim, no matter how hard they try to erase their own pre-Islamic culture and identity.  And none of these divides is the fault of the Infidel Australians; those divides existed from the beginnings of Islam, they are part and parcel of the way Islam views the world. – CM

‘If Muslims (sic: he would have been more honest to write, “Sunni Arab Muslims” – CM) here feel that the blood of their brothers and sisters in Syria (that is: ‘their fellow Sunni Arab Muslims in Syria’ – CM) does not cry out as loudly as that of other communities, I worry about the long-term consequences.

Threat noted.  – CM

‘And I wonder what the hue and cry about a little boy on a beach was really all about.”

Maybe some Aussies were tired of having their emotions so blatantly manipulated.  His death, like that of any number of children who drown in Australia each summer because of tragic accident or parental carelessness, was very sad.  But – unlike the deaths of Assyrian Christian children at the hands of Islamic State jihadis, who killed them when they refused to renounce Christ and say the Shahada – Aylan’s death cannot be framed as part of a deliberately-conducted genocide.  And the risks attendant upon Muslim mass migration into non-Muslim lands are now becoming so apparent to any sensible person, that all over the Infidel world, not a few Infidels are beginning to balk at the idea, no matter how many emotive images of cute little Muslim children are waved at us.  We have learned that children grow up; and that children who grow up in the bosom of the Ummah – where, all too often, they are exposed to material such as beheading videos and the most lurid sort of Jew-hatred, from kindergarten age on up – have a terrifying tendency to Go Jihad on us, as did Mohammed Merah.  We are remembering, too, all those hundreds of Australian-raised Muslims who have used their Australian passports to trot off to Syria in order to enlist themselves among the ranks of the mass-murderers, rapists and beheaders and slave-traders of Islamic State.  And so, despite Mr Mughrabi’s whinings and veiled threats, I and many others will be communicating with our government to urge that the proposed affirmative action on behalf of Syrian Christian refugees, and other mortally-threatened Infidel minorities, be resolutely and unapologetically carried out.  – CM