Migrant hacked to death in bloodbath at Calais ‘Jungle’ camp – by another ‘refugee’


Peter Allen writes in the Evening Standard:

A migrant was hacked to death and another six badly wounded today when a fight broke out among UK-bound refugees in the so-called Calais “Jungle”.

The bloodbath took place in the early hours of this morning as gangs fought running battles in the giant shantytown, and by the A16 motorway nearby.

The deceased was described by the French authorities as a 37-year-old Ethiopian who had been hoping to claim asylum in Britain.

“Two fights broke out close to the camp between African migrants and Afghans between 2am and 4am,” said a source at the local prefecture. 

“Knives and batons were being used, causing one death and leaving six other Ethiopians seriously hurt.”

The murder victim – who has not been formally identified – was rushed to hospital by an activist with the No Borders protest group, said the source. 

“The Ethiopian died from the wounds,” the source added, adding that riot police immediately sealed off the scenes of the fighting and began appealing for witnesses. 

“A murder inquiry has been launched,” said a local police spokesman, saying that detectives were also examining roadside CCTV footage. 

The 200 suspects directly involved in the fighting all came from countries such as Eritrea and Sudan, as well as Afghanistan.

It came after aid workers warned of a “pressure cooker about to blow” as the French authorities began tearing down cafes and restaurants in the Calais ‘Jungle’. 

Charity groups fear that the entire refugee camp in the French port town is about to be destroyed, leaving the migrants with nowhere to stay while they wait to get across the Channel.

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